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“Her name was Elacris and she wanted to save the world.” 10,000 years ago there was a human woman who wanted just one thing; she wanted to save the world. A warrior in a garden, Ela went on to making allies with people of all the lands. Elacris was kind and wise and held nothing but the best intentions in her heart and soul. Her cause was so righteous that one day the planet of Hellifyno had done something it had never done before; it spoke to the woman with the heart of gold and a will of fire and uttered a single word.BalanceThe world gifted the first Scion with two gifts. The first gift was the power of nature, in which the Scion could bend the elements of natural world to their will. The second gift was the blessing, or curse of memory. The Scion can remember and sometimes even interact with their previous incarnations, granting them a unique wisdom and a timeless perspective.Then there was Zen, a Spirit that embodies the ideals of peace and tranquility. There was a faithful meeting between two kindred souls and a union with a solid promise. The Scion would protect the planet’s balance, nurture it, and defend it against dangers both foreign and domestic. To promote peace, through balance and understanding as they would be together in all of her lifetimes; to perform this daunting task as a champion of the world.

Who Am I...

Scion of Hellifyno. Beacon of Hope. Child of Light. Elementalist

Romantic Interests

Akin to life, love always finds a way

Relationship Status

A warrior's path is a lonely one

My Story Is...

Anthem Lucas Kishimoto was born to Lucian Dimitrius Kishimoto and Karin from the land of crashing water. From the time that Anthem was eight years old Lucian and Karin knew that their daughter was the Scion of Hellifyno, so the Head of Clan spared no expense in getting her the best training and study the planet had to offer.

For the next five years Anthem travelled across the magical world of Hellifyno, moving from teachers to masters and other specialists far and wide. One by one did the elementalist go on to learn the four basic elements of nature, plus spiritual training and other skills and techniques she would need to survive on her own. Along with teachers from Hellifyno, the Scion reinforced her knowledge of Fire thanks to Serina Vesper Shinamorri and her knowledge of Air thanks to Dimitrius Knivesu Shinamorri. During this time she developed the framework for the intelligence and martial skill her position would require of her.

At the age of 13 is when Anthem set out on her own journey of independence from the Kishimoto Clan and balance for the world. For the next four years she went on to master her elements, gain new skills and abilities, while fighting corporations with delusions of grandeur and vile plots to plunge the world into darkness. As part Spirit, Anthem would go on to advocate for them, fighting for a balanced system where the natural order of Hellifyno would be sustained.

At 17 Anthem went through a rebellious phase where she didn’t want to be the Scion anymore. With the idea of how cruel fate was, she casted away her position as she turned into a nomad. For about a year she travelled the world as a casual traveler, learning as much culture, geography, and more survival skills before stepping back into the world’s view.

With the help of some brave heroes and new friends, the Scion had successfully fought nine heroic spirits of legend; but not before being brainwashed and forced to fight for one of them against her townsmen.

In time the young Scion found herself with an insurmountable challenge that had slayed many of a Scion before her. Without hesitation did Anthem bravely meet this challenge, and while she did fall in battle it wasn’t before the Kishimoto warrior thwarted the once immortal Dragon for good.

That was until Gaia had pulled her spirit from the cycle and resurrected her as a Child of Light. A Champion of Life to bring Hope back to Hellifyno in the face of the zombie plague.

Now that the plague is over and Anthem exposed the Senate of Olde Watch for what it was, a corrupt temple filled with Soulless Voidings. She’s back to her normal routine of training to take on any threat while patrolling Hellifyno as best she could.

My Appearance

Anthem stands at 5’6 with long jet black hair tied into a high pony tail, with the sides of her head shaven down to reveal a tattoo of a blue arrow encompassing her head with a tan complexion. She usually wears a black, formfitting under armor, a sleeveless red hoodie and matching black cargo pants. Her red combat boots had stone bottoms instead of rubber.

Anthem L. Kishimoto

Post Resurrection: Anthem’s right arm was replaced by the Goddess Gaia, and is blessed to represent that. Instead of flesh and bone, the arm is actually a series of plant-like vines that run over a wood-like center into the facsimile of her right forelimb. Wearing a gi of earthen green with brown boots and a black belt, Anthem wears a bag on her back as one never knows where she’s going next.

My Secrets Are...

I told her I’d help, but then I didn’t. I made a mistake and didn’t keep my word. I’m trying to fix that now and will defend her against the world, singlehandedly if need be; until I’ve given my best shot.

Or is it that you wanna see what I can do? If that’s the case, it’s not a secret… Just click here

I Believe...

"If they stand behind you, protect them. If they stand beside you, respect them. But if they stand in front of you, show them no mercy!" ~Avatar Korra