Anthem Lucas Kishimoto

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The story of the Scion, or the Hope of Hellifyno, goes back over 10,000 years. In a previous age, where things were a bit more simpler, there was a woman with a heart of gold and a will of fire. She belived in selfless service above personal greed, the welfare of the whole rather than the needs of any individual person, including herself. That motivated her desire to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves, the innocent, the enslaved, those whose only crime is is being at the wrong place at the wrong time. She believed through the power of hope, the most potent emotion, this and anything else could be accomplished.

Her name was Elacris, and she intended on saving the world.

Then there was Zen, the Spirit of Peace and Tranquility; faithful meeting with two kindred souls, then a union with a solid promise. The Scion would protect the planet, nurture it, defend it against dangers both foreign and domestic. Promote peace, through balance and understanding and in all of her lifetimes they would be together; preforming this daunting task as a guardian or safeguard for Hellifyno.

Who Am I...

A beacon of Hope and Scion of Hellfyno. Protector and Guardian of the world. Elementalist.

Romantic Interests

Just like life, love finds a way.

Relationship Status

A Devil Dog with a heart of gold. An Artist with a Sniper Rifle. Lt. Cheyenne Peters

My Story Is...

Anthem Lucas Kishimoto was born to Lucian Dimitrius Kishimoto and Karin frm the land of waves. Learning from a very young age that she was the Hope, her father spared no expense in getting her the best training and study; making sure she had the intelligence and martial skill her duty would require of her. Once she turned 13, Anthem had set out on her journey of independence from the clan and balance for the world.

Since that time she has gone on to master her elements, gain new skills and abilities. She’d go on to fight evil corporations with delusions of grandeur and vile plots to plunge the world into darkness. As part spirit, she’d go on to become an advocate for them, fighting for a balanced world where they wouldn’t be subjugated or abused for power.

After taking a year to wander across the planet as a nomad, learning as much culture, geography, and survival skills, the Scion stepped back into the limelight.

With the help of some brave heroes, Anthem has successfully fought 9 heroic spirits of legend and rid the world of arcane devices that threatened to bleed it dry of all its energy.

My Appearance

Anthem stands at 5’6 with long jet black hair tied into a high pony tail, with the sides of her head shaven down to reveal a tattoo of a blue arrow encompassing her head with a tan complexion. She usually wears a black, formfitting under armor, a sleeveless red hoodie and matching black cargo pants. Her red combat boots had stone bottoms instead of rubber.


Main Hand: Mustang : Weapon Affinity: Darkness, Reflection, Counter
Weapon Sealed Description: The weapons edge is 48 inches in length, with the hit adding another six inches. It is composed of a hardened black wood, red sigils plastered all along the length of the weapon. On the hilt, there is an accelerator connecting to an engine built in underneath.
Off-hand: Sally : Weapon Affinity: Light, Heat, Space
Weapon Sealed Description: The weapons blade is 48 inches in length, with the hilt adding another six inches. It is composed of a translucent green glass, with gears visible running through the body of the weapon and the name emblazed along the side. On the hilt, there is an accelerator connecting to a engine built in underneath.

Head: ‘FLASH’ armor sunglasses. Similar to the one’s worn by Cyclops, except it’s orange with Greek lettering on the outside. The inside has readouts for live measurements including vitals, motion detector, shield strength, and energy readings. The left leg of the glasses has an earpiece/microphone attached to allow communications.

Chest: The shirt itself is very lightweight, just a bit heaver then a normal t-shirt. The shirt has many Synapses that mimic those in the brain, except they are located all over the armor. They translate her thoughts and decrease the time it takes to react, making her already enhanced reflexes that much faster.
Belt: A tough, bendable; hollow tube filled with water.
Legs: Very similar to the top, but they increase leg strength, speed, and jumping ability.
Feet: Red knee high boots, with removable stone plates on the bottom.

A backpack with several books on various forms of bending and martial arts, and her survival gear for the outdoors.

An Airbending glider, a staff with the ability to extend lightweight wings on either side.

Excalibur, the Sword of Promised Victory. The weapon is four feet tall, from tip to the end of the handle. With golden writing along the blade, and the handle. Excalibur is a divine construct, the pinnacle of holy swords. This special weapon can absorb the hopes and dreams of the followers of the wielder, and transforms into into destructive blast of pure light energy; fueled by the hope and faith of every person who has ever looked towards the Scion.

Avalon, the sheath to Excalibur. Capable of turning into a Conceptual weapon and hidden within the body. As long as the wielder of Excalibur is within range to supply it with energy, Avalon will heal all but the most mortal of wounds.

Elemental longsword: Crafted with painstaking care by Lazarus Kishmoto, this weapon controls and spawns elements to give the Scion much more in depth elemental control.

Sun Blade: While grasping this hit, it springs to life a longsword shape of pure sun energy; condensed into a cutting, melting sword point. It specializes in felling undead creatures, doing double damage.

Cloak of Elvenkind: When the hood of this dark cloak it is up, it shimmers and blends into its surroundings similar to a Chameleon.

My Secrets Are...

Mine to keep to myself, right? Or they wouldn’t be secrets now.

Or is it that you wanna see what I can do? If that’s the case, it’s not a secret…

I Believe...

"If they stand behind you, protect them. If they stand beside you, respect them. But if they stand in front of you, show them no mercy!" ~Avatar Korra