Who Am I...

Aoi-76, model number 76 of many failed versions of Aoi

Romantic Interests

None Currently

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My Story Is...

Aoi’s story starts out in a lab of course. Her creator, or as she calls him father, wanted to create an AI for a daughter. As he had been lonely all his life. And a daughter would help him not be so lonely. So soon came the trials and many errors. Seventy-five errors and failed attempts to be exact. The first seventeen models were just ideas as to what how her being would function and such. As to perfect her operation so there wouldn’t be any failure. Once that was taken care of, which took around three months as the guy was fairly genius, he moved onto how her exterior would look. What kind of weapons would work best for her look and interior function, what would make her seem actually related to him to an extent, etcetera. That took about twenty-two models to perfect her looks. Thirty-nine models down in six months. Half a year.

After that half year, he took a small break. Not working on the actual models and starting to work on her programming. Making her AI and personality chips. Though that would take a while as personality with machinery was a bit difficult to perfect so the software wouldn’t overwhelm itself. So that took around three and a half months until he found the perfect combination for personality and the software he was using. Though he went through a few models before finding the correct sequence of software in the robot itself for it to work properly and not overload. Wasting around thirty more models. Sixty-nine models down in nine and a half months. Three quarters of a year.

It took him four more months to finally reach that seventy-sixth model. The final model that came out right. Functioned properly and have a great personality. Those last six failed models were used as test runs on the personalities and function of the body. All he really needed to do was fine-tune the personality and software and such. Then out came the perfect version of Aoi. Her robot ‘cereal-number’ is Aoi-76. And she is an interesting being that has been made by an interesting and smart man. Right now, Aoi is roaming around Hellifyno with her father. Just traveling the planet that they call home, bonding and making happy memories. Though as time is passing her father is getting old. She is so worried as to what she would do and how she would even go on without him. While he was worried as to whom would take care of her when he was gone. Though luckily, he does have maybe twenty years left with how fit and healthy he is. The great man is in his sixties right now

My Appearance

Cyborg girl by Gatokumn on DeviantArt

My Secrets Are...

Secret of course