Apsara / Myra


open for one-on-one story roleplays of any kind..just ask away n ill let u knw if id like to play along…(and hey my page is under major reconstruction so please dont be a judge….just not yet)

Who Am I...

an Indian warrior who loves the rain / a bored half-genie wandering around

Romantic Interests

men…dominant men

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Apsara Irayas story

A realm hopper who can read your mind…she believes she is a human but when asked of her past..all she can remember is her roots of India…how did she get her psionic powers or the ability realm hop? she doesnt know and would be better if you dont ask…

Backstory(what she doesnt know): Apsara was born to a kshatriya(royal) family that was broken on the inside…her father was her only motivation to follow the rules…until…..their kingdom was attacked…On the night of the blood moon,raining dense,she ran til her feet painted the kingdom roads into a trail of red footprints,only to be washed down by the rain…dressed in her fathers robes she tricked the enemy into following her,her fathers spear in her hand glowing in the moonlight…she ran till she drew the  enemies far from her kingdom…a suicide mission to keep her father safe…she wanted to die anyway atleast now she had a genuine reason…she fought with a smile on her face as her wish was finally coming true…letting the enemies swords slice her skin getting high on the pain it sent down her spine…waiting for the fatal blow which came from the clouds instead…a lightening that struck her spear and sent jolts deep into her skin…a mystery of the lightening turned her into a psionic realm hopper with no memory of her past…



Myras’ Story :

A half-genie , of the arabian kingdom of surname for she grew up alone…since she is half genie she isnt bound to any master and can use her limited magic at her freewill…she is a watcher , gazer…knows a bit of sword fighting but doesnt indulge in fights…perpetually rich as she can magically create her own things…though what she cant summon through magic…is love…she wakes up with a lonely and heavy heart every bright morning…

My Appearance


long brunnette hair sways in waves,falling till my waist…
long eyelashes home to warm brown eyes hiding secrets…with pouty lips that speak sweet lies..
light wheatish complexion, 5’5″ height
embodiment of soft curves and an innocently fierce heart

you may find her flaunting her Indian attire (lehenga) sometimes and sometimes not




black hair that sometimes looks blue left open for the breeze to comb through..

eyes forever lost in an endless search

plump lips as if were bitten by a lover

tender skin that sparkles under the moonlight



a spear with charged gemstones

a sword with sanskrit incriptions




I Believe...

in everything they try to hide; extra terrestrials,time travel *finger on lips "shhhh"* the list goes on