Aqua Zecron


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Name: Aqua Zecron

Race: Demon Wolf

Weapons: Duel swords

Age: Unknown


Who Am I...

A traveling puppers

My Story Is...

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My name is Aqua, I am a hunter and one of the best in my clan. My clan is called Snow wolves or to other clans mountain wolves, its because we live up in the snowy parts of the mountains. There are different types of demon wolves: Pure demon wolves, Shadow demon wolves, Hell demon wolves, and last is the earth demon wolves. All four clans live away from each other that is due to territory rules,  but there are some cases where one clan wants more land and will fight for that land and this causes wars between the clans.

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Aqua is a pure blooded demon wolf, she was born into the pure demon wolf clan and is the daughter of the Alpha. Even if she is the daughter of the alpha she isn’t treated like a princess she fights and hunts like everyone else and honestly she doesn’t mind. During a war with the shadow clan she had learned that her father would offer her up as a mate to the shadow clan, this made her angry. She didn’t confront her father on what she had heard, she paged what she needed during the night and left before morning. She refused to give into her fate and left, so now she is just traveling and seeing new things this world has.

My Secrets Are...

There is only one secret and it has something to do with the moon.