Arcacia (multicharSN)


The gargoyle is a fantasy and horror monster inspired by the gargoyle architectural element. While they were believed in mythology to frighten away evil spirits,
the idea of such statues physically coming to life was a more recent notion. Like golems, they are usually made of magically animated or transformed stone, but have animal or chimera traits, and are often guardians of a place such as a cathedral or castle. They can also be depicted as vessels for demonic possession, or as a living species resembling statues.


Arcacia in her past had once been human and her love, her life a human of noble birth. As she tale goes, the duke’s son had defied his fathers wishes and taken Arcacia (a merchants daughter) off to secretly wed her.  They had stumbled off to an old church on ancient grounds it had been rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of the Kindoms past.  Nay one civilian, peasant or noble had been laid to rest.  Having no where else to stop for the evening on the alopement, the couple crossed into the old church grounds through the cemetary and ran to the chapel to escaping the oncoming torment of stormy weather .

They clutched to one another for warmth as the hail battered the crumbling thatch roof of the chapel. The evening seemed to have passed without pause for concern. She awoke in the morning and found nothing out of place, save for the love she had adored.  She wrapped her human hands around his elderly face. It had appeared that the rumors of the curse were true.  For every hour that had passed in the evening, her love

had aged thrice that in human years.  There was barely a tremor of a pulse to his hand.  Within the day, she knew that he would perish. Scared, she stretched to look at her own reflection in a puddle on the mud floor.  Young violet eyes stared back at her.  Arcacia hadn’t aged a day.  For the remainder of the day she made the Duke’s son as comfortable as possible spending the last of their day together.

As the evening hours began to fall and her love’s pulse quivered to a stop, she felt the pang of human life being snuffed out.  Arcacia held her human hand up to the moon and watched as her skin started to change to the color of wet clay (reddish brown).  Her feet and nails began to elongate. Human teeth were uprooted with sharp incisors.. She screamed as her dress was littererally ripped in the transformation.

Wings began to grow out of the flesh of her backside, where the humantail bone existed, the boney sinue formed a thicker mass.  Her human ears elongated into a batlike shape. Arcacia cried out in a demonic cry as clawed hands cupped the mudd.  She had become cursed, cursed to forever watch over the bones of her dead love. Cursed to keep trespassers off the grounds…

And so she slept..slept for centuries until the realm changed..The chapel finally fell to rubble and her lovers bones had decomposed to ash. She had become free of the cursed grounds, but only half of the curse had fallen.  By day, she was almost always statuesque, unless by sheer will she fought to move.

At night Arcacia animated into a less grotesque version of the gargoyle, but the clawed hands, feet, wings and tail were always with her.. And So she awoke, ready to see how the realm had changed. A washed out road, overgrown with oak and ivy led away from the old cememtary gates..

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Arcacia is in stone form during the day hours (sleeping and regenerating). Her skin is a deep clay color as pictured in the image on the bottom of the profile. During twilight, she will slowly awaken, hard stone skin will soften to a leathery like texture. She stands at 6’2 inches tall with Sandy brown hair, violet eyes, clawed finger tips and toes.  As pictured above Arcacia has a pair of horns that bend backwards as if bent back in a high wind. Her tail is around six feet in length.  There are boney spikes that jut upwards from her knee caps.   She has the ability to harden her skin to stone skin at will.  The female gargoyle has a mouth full of teeth more like a carnivore than human. She eats meat and plenty of it.

Her wing span hasn’t been measured, but she’s strong enough to carry another being of her own size.