My soul will never find peace in death for I am banished from his hall


I can summon weapons beast and people to fight at my side


My magic spreads from every element to life and necromancy and everything in between

My strength speed endurance and intelligence is greater than some Gods and Goddess

Who Am I...

The Arch Angel of misery

Romantic Interests

Love is like a black rose only upon actually looking at it will you find its beauty

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Oh my, now you really must have done something to anger my father If he sent you here without letting me set up your trial. Well, the least I can do is entertain you with a story before the hounds find you. My name is Areal I am known by many titles such as the Arch Angel of misery. Or maybe you have heard of me by the title Areal the queen of Hell. But once you have been here long enough you will know me by Areal daughter of the lier. I can tell by the puzzled look on your face that you don’t quite understand well let me elaborate. The story about me that has been told since the dawn of time has been nothing but a lie that my father told to cover up his tracks. You see for the first six million years before he created humans everything was fine. But after he created the first two humans he soon became bored with them. However, I loved humankind something my father quickly picked up on. So he had the plan to trick me into believing that he was going to kill every human alive. He planned on me finding out about this so once I and a small group of my brothers and sisters confronted him he quickly showed his true colors. His real plan was to falsely convict me and any who followed me with the punishment of treason. After that, he cast us down into hell it was quite a clever plan that makes me look like the ultimate evil while he still played the part of a caring God. So from that point on, I ruled over hell while he sat in heaven spreading his lies. But every now and then someone like you ends up doing something that displeases him now you are doomed to rot here. But what if I told you that is not how it has to end yes I came across a prophecy that tells about my victory over my dad. After I beat him in fair combat all who followed him will be doomed to burn here while I and all of my followers find peace in heaven. Now all you have to do is wait and place your trust in me. For now goodbye my child rest and have sweet dreams.

My Appearance

My long hair is as black as a starless night sky the left side of it covers my eye while my skin is as pale as a fresh tombstone my eyes snowy white with black pupils when standing at my full height I am five foot four my skin gives off the appearance of someone who is very young I also four have angel wings with black and white feathers what I wear is a black dress that ends at my knees I also wear sandals made from black feathers

My Secrets Are...

I hold the love of a mother in my heart for humans while hated for the father who abandoned me

I Believe...

You must be willing to see the beauty in something that you would usually think is ugly if you wish to enter the true heaven