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“Words were another sword for the man who wielded them well.”


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Aries doesn’t have a ton of friends, but she does have one person she can trust.

Father: Her father is a shifter as well, his name is Marcus Phoenix, current God of Life

Mother: (deceased) Allessandra Phoenix, former Goddess of Beasts

Sibling(s): One sister, a jaguar as well, named Nicola Phoenix.

Significant Other: Deckland Sharp


Who Am I...

Shapeshifter, Assassin

Romantic Interests

There's one man who has my heart. Even if he doesn't quite know it yet.

Relationship Status

In a relationship with Deckland

My Story Is...

How long ago was I born? I don’t even remember. What I do remember is my training, my life. I was born to the deities of my world. My father was the god of creation, my mother the goddess of beasts. Unlike others who could have been in my situation, I never used their inherited powers to my gain. The only one I used was my mother’s shapeshifting, choosing the form of the jaguar.

I was considered an adult when my mother fell to the madness. Something had taken root deep within her mind, an ailment all too common to shapeshifters, as I was told. It made sense, after I was born she gave up her mantle as a goddess. And who did the ruler of my Kingdom call to kill her before she hurt everyone else? Me. I was responsible for bringing her to justice.

I did as I was told, ever the faithful assassin for my father, killing her out in the wilderness of the Selwyn Kingdom. I think that’s what made my father realize that I was capable of weilding the Selwyn Blade, a gift from the Elder gods to my father. I’ve wielded it ever since.

My Appearance

Human Form:



Jaguar Form:

Black Panther


General clothing style:

Casual assasin/battle outfit

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Fantasy shadow sword

3Pc 7.5" PURPLE Ninja Tactical Combat Kunai Throwing Knife Set w/Sheath Hunting

Collapsible Bo Staff