Nova Gale

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Someone that doesn't concern you.

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She holds in her scream as the long bow makes contact with her right hand. Pain and blood would erupt from her bruised hand as she panted harshly. She would keep her face stoic looking up to the man in front of her. The man would not be visible not with the little light provided through the hole in the ceiling that the moon barely shone through – barely reach through to graze across his glistening pale skin. She would see his silhouette, however, the faint lines of a tall and built man with a longbow held diagonally across his body.


“Now…” He would purr with his deep, resonate voice. “What do you remember?”


Remember? She… She didn’t quite know. She remembered a fire – bright flashes of light going across her vision, the heat making her skin feel like it was about to boil off her bones, the bright light that blinded her as she tried to run, the smoke that burned her lungs…


And the blood. She remembered the blood. It was caked on her, staining her hands, painting her beautiful pale face, drenching her prized raven locks of hair. She remembered the blood – she remembered the hatred that burned faster and harder in her heart –


If there was even such a thing left in her.


But she didn’t even have to speak for him to know. He would look down at her, a knowing smile going across his chapped, blood caked lips. The white of his eyes would gleam in the pale slivers of moonlight¬† that managed to make it through the hole in the ceiling, crossing them to reveal the hints of yellow within his irises that enveloped his pupils already filled with intense focus and curiosity.


“So why did you do it?” He would ask softly, in an almost fatherly tone. “Why did you kill them all?”


Who? She just remembered… Remembered…


Then in a flash she would remember it all. Their hands, their masked faces, their pants of hot breaths against her skin as they tried to rip at her clothes. She remembered – she remembered how she got a hold of a knife – a knife they were going to use on her – and how she just…


“Why did you make them burn? Why did you kill them all?”


She would stay silent, stoic like a statue. And as he looked her and as her icy blue eyes looked back up to him, she wouldn’t admit it. She wouldn’t give in even though she knew the answer.




It would be faster than a blink of an eye; next thing she knew the delicate and small bones of her fingers would break. But she didn’t scream, she didn’t cry, she didn’t let out a sound as the butt of the longbow dug it into her hand. She just sat there and watched as the long bow went across her vision and against her bloodied and bruised hand.


“Tell me girl-”


She would tune him out. Beginning to think to herself, she would smile, a small laugh leaving her lips as tears began streaming down her cheeks as her laughter grew.


The man would look to her now, his smile faltering slightly as he looked at this oddity in front of him. Perhaps he thought such a beautiful woman as she would be easy to crack, that she would be a mess as she would cry asking him for forgiveness – a woman with no substance in her head to match her beauty perhaps.


But he would be wrong, so very wrong indeed.


That’s when Nova would look at him – truly look at him – her eyes gouging into his.


“Why did I kill them all? why did I burn down that pathetic house that they worship their disgusting beliefs in?” She would teasingly ask, toying with him, tears still streaming down her face.


“Because they deserved it. I was done being on my back and doing what they wanted me to do. They deserved to die and burn with their world around them, their fears and their sins consuming them.” She would finally answer, a playful smile playing upon her lips.


“Because people with a world as perfect as that, who think they can get away with anything, need to know that anger and revenge will always find them. And they will burn.” She would finish as she leaned carefully back into her chair, looking back up to the man with the long bow in hand triumphantly.


But instead of cowering, instead of calling for her arrest or for her death, his grin would grow and a wild look would appear in his eye.


“Release this woman and get her the medical attention she needs. Bathe her and clothe her and let her eat. Her new life begins tomorrow.” He would boom out his voice reverberating across the room, into the surrounding hallways, and perhaps even to the night sky itself.


But even as the man’s henchmen came in through hidden door and released her, Nova will keep smiling tears streaming down her face as she knew that her new life would be their ending.

My Appearance

Tall slender and beautiful, someone say she is perhaps the embodiment of the night itself. Pale moon skin with long luscious locks of raven black hair, radiant blue eyes that shine like the stars in the sky, a darkness that lays deep within her heart.


You’ll find out, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll live to tell.

My Secrets Are...

None of your concern.

I Believe...

That only the bravest of people take a chance on the unknown.