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Ice Design 2 by wlop

T E M P O R A R Y    C H A R A C T E R S



Name: Avyanna (powerful, beautiful, strong)



Species: Elven Featherback*



Age: Mid-twenties (physically)



Gender: Female



Sexuality: Heterosexual



Relationship Status: Single



Interests: None



Family: No Living Family



Occupation: Princess of Planet Ancoria (former), Barmaid, Warrior




Avyanna is an extremely kind and loving soul but is often introverted and reclusive when it comes to her true emotions. She’s almost completely emotionally unavailable for relationships, unable to let herself love or care again. However, the right soul might be able to help her be more open and happy again. But, the chances are very small and would require long hours of dedication. (more to be written)




Avyanna hails from a long lost land, with a fallen kingdom of great importance. Ancoria was a fine and prosperous land, ruled by a kind King and Queen. This planet was known for its main human race, with another race of winged-elvens with connections to celestials and magical abilities. The King and Queen had a single heir, called Avyanna, a snowflake haired woman with moondust colored skin. She

had an affinity to ice magic, the opposition to her mother’s affinity of fire. To save Avy from a life of having to hide away, her mother gave her a necklace with an icy blue pendant that has the abilities to keep her wings at bay, leaving her back bare. Avyanna was raised as a proper princess, while also being taught to ride horseback, use a bow and arrow, as well as to wield a sword. Avyanna’s mother never intended for her daughter to be nothing but a pretty face, but to be able to rule with a stern mindset and be able to defend herself.


Avyanna was raised to have a small group of personal guards, one of which was the son of a noble bloodline. Avyanna was planned to marry a prince from a neighboring kingdom but defied her parents wishes to be with the young knight that stole her heart. The two had planned to get married in secret, but The Great War came soon enough, claiming the lives of The King and 20,000 soldiers, Avyanna’s love included in the massacre. Avyanna grieved long for the loss of her love, as well as the fall of her kingdom. Avyanna’s mother grew ill and passed away and the people rioted at the thought of being run by a child, trying to throw Avyanna out of the castle and the kingdom as a whole. So to avoid being torn to pieces, one of the last loyal guardsmen helped the princess escape from the Castle and away to a group of witches and warlocks. It was there, that they used magic to conceal the young princess and send her away to a new world, that would hopefully save her life.



* Elven Featherback • The species of Elven Featherbacks are a rare race of elf, only found on Ancoria, that have large and strong wings and the traditional pointed ears. Often Featherbacks are confused for Angels, but they are in fact NOT Angels. Many Elven Featherbacks have an affinity to different elemental magic(fire, water, light, etc). (more to be written about Featherbacks over time)

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Name: Samuel Cruorem


Species: Vampire


Age: Unknown


Gender: Male


Sexuality: Heterosexual


Relationship Status: Polyamorous


Interests: Easy Women


Family: No Living Family, Sire Unknown


Occupation: Serial Killer, Slave Trader/Owner(One or Two at a time), Collector of Unique Things(Creatures, Items, Etc)



• Possessive / Obsessive

• Unstable

• Charming

• Aggressive



• Clingy

• Loving / Caring

• Fears Abandonment

• Sexually Aggressive



To Be Added

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