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Arthur was not born into this world like other souls.  Instead he was created.  A magical construct crafted for the soul purpose of harnessing magical energies to be brought to bear for his master.  Along with others of his kind he became flawed.  The flaw was not in his ability to preform his given task, but that he developed an awareness of self.  Originally known as #72 he carried out his given orders with little thought.  That was his life, follow orders and then return to rest.  Master the powers of magic within the world so he could serve his creators.  A simple life without much concern or care.  Magic however by nature changes the things it comes into contact with.  Either by pure luck, or some external force the doll became aware.


It was sudden.  A flower trampled underfoot drew pause as the young mage was brought to a stop as he watched it struggle to once more regain it’s proper place.  At first he did not know why, why he stopped, or why the flower moved.  Never had he experienced such things.  One thought led to another.  Till he found himself standing amidst a field of flowers.  The myriad colors swaying silently in the soft breeze as life flowed onward.  It might have been days or weeks he sat there staring at the beautiful sight.


As he sat his mind wandered.  Stirrings of a soul long forgotten moved within.  When time came for him to move from his spot for nourishment it was not to his home he moved.  Aimlessly he trod along the path before him.  Curious where his feet would take him if he followed them instead of the given orders.  In the villages he found himself.  Books helped him to better speak out his mind instead of just taking what he was told to do to heart.  Those willing as well offered to shape the young mage into something more human.  Though he knew he would never truly be as they were due to his inability to be anything more then the mage he was dressed to be.  Over the years the villagers grew to calling him Arthur.


Still the curiosities that he found were never enough.  The world outside was so vast it had to hold more things that he did not know.  Finally unable to help himself he set off.  With staff in hand as well as a few supplies from the other villagers he started his journey.  The never ending exploration of self, as well as the programmed desire to find new sources of magic.




The Black Mage Doll


Being a black mage doll, Arthur was crafted with the ability to draw upon the mana of the world.  Using both that which is stored within and that ambient in the air to power destructive spells.  As most magic within the black mage library is that used to destroy or hinder opponents.  While most of his spells are associated with three major elements, ie fire, ice and lightning.  That is not all of the elements he is capable of harassing.  Years of study and training have granted him some other abilities within the black arts as well.  Also his favored element is currently fire, so his fire type spells are more potent then the other elements that he wields.  Current highest level spell available to him is flare.    However Arthur prefers not to cause harm to others if he can help it.  Thus he prefers to use debilitating spells.  His personal favorites are toad and piggy.


Elemental Shield–  Arthur can project a shield of chosen element to reduce the damage himself or anyone near by might encounter.  The shield does not last long, as well as it can only protect against one element at a time.


Selective Targets–  Black magic by nature is destructive, Arthur however would prefer to avoid hurting those who do not deserve it.  With training he has learned how to make it so some spells will not effect those within the area of effect, or he may use this knowledge to instead target more then one person with a single target spell.


Dual Cast–  As it implies Arthur can cast two spells at same time.  This allows him to combine elements or effects.  However this rapidly drains his mana pool.


Swift Cast– The ability to cast without negate casting time on spells.  He may only do this 3 times a day.


Limit Breaker–  When pushed to the edge Arthur can call upon all of his reserves to cast a potent magical spell.  Ultima, a high damaging non elemental spell that targets a large radius or may be condensed into a wide beam.  Mage Shield, by draining the last of his mana pool he can create a shield to block all damage to himself.  The shield quickly uses the mana spent upon it so it only last a short time.  Both abilities push him into a trance state.  Where he will turn into almost a lifeless doll for a duration afterwords.  How long depends on the available mana within the air or outside influence, ie someone giving him a mana potion.


Black Mage from Final Fantasy Tactics.




Arthur is curious.  Always wanting to know more about any given topic.  Usually along side this he is rather cheery.  Not often one to find fault in another given his own creation.  Though when he becomes flustered or in times of danger he is often found to clutch the brim of his hat and chant “Oh dear, oh me, oh my.”

Likes- Animals, crossword puzzles, reading, and sweet things.

Dislikes- Mean people (or at least those who are mean for no reason.), Being given orders, hurting things.


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18+ is ok in my book.

I do not own the art, credit goes to the wonderful people who made it.

Who Am I...

A traveling black mage

Romantic Interests

Never really thought about it

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

One strange tale after another.  Part of being a traveler I think.  You see so many interesting places and meet many interesting people.  I’m kind of strange myself so it makes the experiences all the better,  at least that is my opinion.

My Appearance

Age- Unknown

Height- 4’5

Hair color-Black

Eye color- Gold


Never seen without the traditional black mage attire. Pointy hat, blue colored robes, stripped pants. The hat obscures my face so the only thing anyone sees is blackness with two shiny eyes. I also like it this way.


Oak staff

Spell casting reagents

Pouches for said reagents

Spell tomes

My Secrets Are...

What I actually look like.  I like to keep it hidden.

I Believe...

I need a fighter friend, for clearly scientific purposes.