art machina


“…a horrid beast with a torrid past…”


Name: artemis raval machine

Aliases: art, machina, creeperdude

Age: 350 [ ish ] – 21 eternal

Race: cenobyte

Subspecies: devourer

Skin complexion: pale/alabastor

Eye color: black iris’ with silver crescent pupils

Hair: jet black and unkempt

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 100 [ lbs ]

Affliction: anorexia


Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolute


Temperament: sadistic, humorous, often stoned, manic at times

Mother: kitiviya [ slumbering ]

Father: raval [ persumed dead ]


I eat therefore I am!


[ beast – effect ]

Shark demon – razor teeth

Spider demon – additional arms

Shadow daemon – darkness manipulation

Macroversal entity – deadlights

Angel – angel power

Glamour – shapeshifting



A creature like no other!


[ self modications ]

Nova gas – nova gas can be released at will to distort vision, hearing and hamper cognitive and motor skills of the victim; it serves as a potent hallucinogen which art will often manipulate

Talons – retractable talons underneath his finger nails

Saethlis – hidden appendages, if you will, living metal chains inside of art’s abdomen



Profile to be completed