Asar Farouk


Born as a Badari Prince at the very end of Pre Dynastic Egypt. Asar Farouk’s family was known for it’s artistic prowess and building talents, and it was they who laid the foundations for many of Egypt’s most well known structures. When the people spoke of a unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, it was the Farouk family that was rumored to produce Egypt’s first king, for the Farouk were loved by the Goddess Isis. They even set about building the Tower Of Babel so that she may descend to the earth and walk among her loved ones. The tower would be built in the middle of the great city of Babylon, a city built by the Farouk and sung far and wide to be a city fit for the Gods themselves. However, while the people rejoiced, some of the Gods were not happy. Ra and Set, known for eons to have been bitter enemies, came together for the first time in a common cause. To banish the Farouk from their would be, god-like thrones.

Seers sung that the Farouk bloodline would transcend mortality and rise into the realms of the Gods. Set had plans of his own when it came to ruling the hierarchy of the Gods, and Ra was jealous of his wife Isis’ love for the Farouk. On the eve of the Tower of Babel’s completion ceremony, the top candidate for the first King of Egypt, Asar Farouk was sent the gift of a lovely woman, a woman so beautiful that her seduction of him was total and complete.

Taking him away from the celebrations, they went to the tower of Babel where they made love endlessly into the night. Their final orgasmic maelstrom took place at the stroke of midnight and it was then that the God’s trap was sprung. It was then that his seed took root in her womb, which had been laced with a diving curse, causing a backlash in Asar’s final moment of passion. His screams of pleasure turned into screams of tortured pain.

Coming to her senses, awakening from the daze the Gods had put her in, the woman fled into the desert, never to be seen again, though she now carried Asar’s cursed seed, the now cursed bloodline of the Farouk. Asar found himself dying, and yet not dying. He was cursed to an eternal pain so intense that his screams continued on forever. No matter how hard he tried he could not leave the Tower of Babel.

He climbed to top of the tower and looked out upon the city he and his family had built, only to see it in ruins. The gods had reigned down their wrath upon Babylon during the night and now, he was alone. The edges of the city were no longer visible, blurred by an unnatural sand storm that sealed the city away from the rest of Egypt. The God’s revenge was complete, and Asar stood cursed to remain in perpetual agony, trapped within the Tower of Babel forever.

However, the Gods had made one mistake, one single oversight that would come to cost them dearly in the future. The curse they had lain upon Asar had bound him to the underworld, which was the source of his constant agony. Over time, unable to die, he instead began to evolve and become one with the underworld itself. His screams had come to be known as the howling of the cursed storm, but he learned control the pain, came to enjoy it, to love it. As he became one with the underworld, he found that he could not break the curse, could not leave the Tower of Babel, but he could influence certain things.

He reached out to the Seers of Egypt and for seven days and seven nights, they screamed and sang of a pure, powerful bloodline that could break through the cursed seal of Babylon and free Egypt’s one true king. That Bloodline turned out to be his own. Allura, the woman who cursed him escaped the destruction of Babylon and continued his cursed bloodline. Centuries later, freed from the shackles placed upon her by Osiris and reborn into a human form, Isis eventually met and married one of Asar’s descendants, shattering the curse placed on his bloodline by Osiris and Set thanks to her still divine essence.

The son of this union Azir Farouk, grew to become a great warrior, and journeyed to Babylon. There he pierced the cursed sand storm, and unlocked the gates of the Tower of Babel. In doing so he released Asar from his prison. In thanks to both Isis and Azir, he passed on the title of King of Babylon to Azir, choosing to pursue revenge against the gods over becoming ruler. For now he watches over his descendants as they rebuild Babylon, and rule from the Tower of Babel, making his plans to punish Set and Osiris for what they’d done to him, his family, and Isis.

Powers and abilities:
Once released from the tower, Asar’s curse became his power. Though he never shows it, he is in constant pain, but the countless centuries of being under the curse have made him long used to the godly agony, and actually enjoys it. He can use his own pain to cause it in others, be them human, demon, spirit, or god, though depending on how that being takes pain themselves, it may, or may not be an effective weapon.

His connection to the underworld gives him access to vast magical and necromantic energies, so much so that most underworld deities consider him a threat, though he does not often use depend on those energies outside of forging the newly dead into weapons who’s power vary depending on the corpse it is forged from.

His true power lay in his vast physical prowess. As strong as Hercules, as fast as Hermes, a physical constitution as strong as Prometheus’, senses as strong as Fenrir, all of which are heightened when he takes the form of the cursed Babylon.

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