Asha, The Defeated.

Who Am I...

The wandering monster hunter

My Story Is...

The Hunter’s Guild, which had long since established itself as the governing body of the various regions of the world, has existed for generations, but not to annihilate all monsters, they exist to harmonize humans with nature by hunting said beasts. In order to enforce and balance this policy, the Hunter’s Guild uses hunters, making them a major part of the corporation. My father was a member of the guild, one of the lower class hunters, this doesn’t at all mean he was treated as peopled designated as ‘lower class’ usually are, no, not at all. Few hunters had been birthed from the village I came from, and even fewer who caught the eye of the guild. My father thought he may be able to do that one day. He sought to become a higher class, perhaps even a G-class. Most hunters do, in the end. But not all can make it. Only a handful can, in the entire world… Alas, he had to settle down, following an injury delivered by a bird wyvern. He met my mother, who occupied herself as a worker at the Hunter’s Guild Hall, serving drinks and the like. I was raised to be resourceful, and was taught to use a variety of weapons while young. None of that really stuck for long. But as time drew on, I began to develop into more of the type of person required to actually use the weapons required to slay the monsters of the world. Tall, muscular, fit. The extensive training helped, really…

I had practised with the bow mostly, when available between the research of the monsters, materials, and plants. But eventually. The time came to prove myself, on my first true hunt. The task was given to lessen the numbers of herd of velociprey. Arrows ripped through several, and I had succeeded. I had officially become a monster hunter. And my ambitions only grew from there.