Aine Ashenoak

Who Am I...


My Story Is...

Born as the daughter of a fire genasi father and a human mother, Aine inherited her mother’s looks and her father’s brashness. Despite being born into royalty she never allowed anything to be brought on a silver platter for her. Instead of learning etiquette, philosohy and aesthetics, she chose to run with the rangers, spar with the soldiers, and tame the flames of her bloodline.


When she came of age Aine bid her parrents farewell, and rode off into the wide world pursuing her wanderlust.

My Appearance

Aine AshenoakElegant, yet sturdy. Her posture that of a soldier more than a lady. Blue eyes sharp with a tint of dry wit. When she gets angry or taps into the fire magic running in her blood they turn a burning yellow. Her waist long blonde hair is often tied into a loose tail not to get in her way.


A set of masterwork steel plate armor.
A mithril longsword. Light, swift, and attuned to magic.
Her trusty courser Perun. More of a travelling companion than a combat one. Swift and tough, carrying his mistress’ burdens.
An adventurer’s kit. Lantern, torches, rope, firestarter, first aid, bedroll and tent, whetstone, etc.
A rucksack of plain clothes, sentimental belongings, and gold.