Ashely flameheart


Ashley mostly wears her bodyguard uniform which is a, long white sleeved button up shirt with a collar , black dress pants , a black overcoat and boots

Who Am I...

I am Ashley Flameheart

Romantic Interests

A daring guy who isn’t afraid to take risks in a relationship, someone who will be as loyal and trusting like me.Finally and the most obvious the person should be kind , caring and able to take of a bratty little.

My Story Is...

Ashley flameheart is bodyguard that serves and protects important clients but recently she was kicked from last assignment without warning now she roams around in search of her new client and be careful she is a LITTLE BRAT sometimes

My Appearance

I am a short , 5’2”-5’3” girl that’s white with black hair. I am average weight for my age and I wear glasses.


A long sword

My Secrets Are...

My character is into DDLG
She is a psychopath but prefers to keep that hidden

I Believe...

That dressing nice and seeing professionalism and class , can get you a long way as long as you don’t show people what makes you odd.