Mikayla Skymoon

Intro Video


**Character Info**

Orginal Full Name:

Mikayla “Ash” Pinkadow


DOB:May 11th


Magic:Black Magic & Ellispey



Who Am I...

Goddess Of Angelic Purity

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Widowed By Silver Hroo

My Story Is...

Born From Your Worst Fears

Daughter Of Amelia Skymoon & Aaron Pinkadow,I was sorta a accident..I ranked as one of the strongest Skymoon’s back in the day.

I don’t remember it well but I was barely a 3year old by the time Alida fleed with me

Meeting Alerin & Senshi

Alida evenutally couldn’t take care of me and knew Abby needed help but I needed a better family, so she dropped me off at red sun inn where I would meet Alerin Diercedrath who would raise me in a different world for 3 years before I meet my Adoptive God-Father-Senshi Hakisuru

Taught By Kione

When I lived in the Hakisuru Clan,Now Known as The Hageshi Clan..My God-Father didn’t have time for me.So My Father’s Kitsune.. taught me my Manners,How to fight with a Katana and to control my Powers

Ayane & Senshi’s Death

Up to my Teen’s,those two raised as a Hier to a Clan..I had to run and find a Woman who could raise me who was named Anna Marie,Who helped me overcome my need for glasses.

Meeting Blake (Silver)

After My Breakup with Quickshot,I meet a Demon and his sister-Emily and Blake who I would start a family with evenutally

Reunting With Family

After 6years,When my kids were old enough..we decided to bring the family back together even if I had a Half-Sister

Emerald Plauge 

I evenutally I had to die and the Plauge killed later I evenutally came back from the death as a Neko Arch-Angel and to rejoin Silver

Being There For My Children,After a Widowing

Silver’s death was pre-mature in my mind but it was bound to happen,he gave the children neglection for years,died many times and I had the dirvoce papers at the ready.

Of course I refuse to remarry as I did love him but I will go and ask someone out once I’m stable again

He was my one and only, now he’s gone

Following Silver’s Purge of Life made by my son about 5 years ago, I now find out that he never signed the dirvoce forms and he died a widow..I guess our love never died but hes gone for good..

My Appearance

-Mikayla’s Looks


Brown Hair

Blue Eyes

White Blouse

Grey Jeans

Black Socks

Winter Boots



Hageshi Clan Commucation Earrings

Books & Tea

My Blades (Including Silver’s Katana)

My Secrets Are...

That people shouldn’t go into places that don’t concern them

I Believe...

I know that future generations will always be blind till the elders tell them