Ashton C. Winters.

Intro Video


Katekyo Hitman REBORN! Dino Cavallone

General info Full Name: “Ashton C. Winters.” Nickname: “Ash”, Asher, Ashton.” Age: 23. Born The 14th of Thursday, August 1997. Place of Origin: Earth, before moving to Hellifyno. Gender: None, though, prefers Male when being addressed. Species: Hybrid/Enhanced Human.Political Aspects:

Morality: Chaotic Neutral. Affiliation/Group of Interest: None Place of Residence: Alter Earth. (Earth of Another Universe) Allies: None (ATM) Enemies: None (ATM) Rivals: None (ATM) Relatives: None (ATM) Occupation: Crimelord.

Marked Teleportation.
Weapon Manipulation. (Energy Manipulation)
Energy Manipulation: Light and Dark.

Enhancements: Combat Specialist.
Body Supremacy.
Peak Body Condition.
Super Strength.
Super Speed.
Super Agility & Durability.
Indomitable Willpower.

Fighting Style: Close Combat and Ranged Combat Expert.
Judo, Taekwondo, Boxing (Regulated and Kick), Arms Training & Melee Training.

Weapon(s): Dual Glocks, G36C, M4A1, etc.
Knives, Rifles, Handguns, Katana, Swords, Blades, etc.
(He has a Large Arsenal that he had built up before being sucked up by the Vortex and entering this World)

Who Am I...

Ashton C. Winters

Romantic Interests

I don't have my eye on anyone… yet…

Relationship Status

Single, like the last pringle!

My Appearance


"Gift of God." (Right Arm: Below Elbow)
"?????, ???????? & ????????." (Left Arm: Above Elbow)
Rose & Grave. W/ "?.?.? ???????? ?????." (Back)
Gray Wolf. W/ "???? ?? ??? ????-?????." (Left Bicep)
Shark. W/ "???? ?? ?????." (Right Side of Neck)
"??? ?????????? ????." W/ Crown. (Back of Neck)
"?????? ?????." W/ Shattered Halo. (Right Cheek)
"????? ???? ???? ????." W/ Flame. (Right Shoulder)
"??????? '?? ???." W/ Skull & Crossbones. (Right Arm: Above Elbow)
“???????? ????.” (Left Arm: Below Elbow)
“??????? ?????." (Under Right Eye)
“???? ????? ?????.” (Inside Heart. Front of Neck)
Barcode. (Back of Head)

Jagged Gash. (Right Shoulder)
Long Gash. (Right Arm: Below Elbow)
Knife Scar. (Lower Right Side; Near Hip)
Claw Marks/Scratches. (Under Left Eye)
Axe Wound. (Upper Right Bicep)
Scar from Tracer Round. (Left Side of Neck)
Gash from Katana. (Middle of Chest)
Bullet Wounds. (Chest & Under Right Bicep)
Burn Marks. (Under Left Bicep)
Stab Wound. (Left Shoulder)

[5:07 PM]
Character Info: Weight: 225LB’s. Height: 6’4″. Heterochromia: “Blue for the Right and Green for the Left.” Hair Color: “Brown. Sometimes he dyed it Tan, so yeah, it could be Tan too.” Build: “Toned Skin, the color of Creamy, Smooth, Chocolate Milk.” “Athletic, though he weighed quite a bit. Most of it was Muscle.”`

[5:08 PM]
Birth Mark: Tsunami Symbol Brand. (Right Hip) Vortex Symbol. (Middle of Forehead) Cyclone Symbol. (Back of Head)


“I do not carry most of my inventory on me. So, I will say that this is something for me to know. Though if you must know. I carry practical things, wallet. Phone, keys, concealed gun, etc. The gun is for self-defense only, not going around and shooting people. I also sometimes carry, my headphones (&) earbuds, my laptop in my satchel. Charging cords and many things for work. Sometimes I can also be seen with a book. I enjoy reading.”


My Secrets Are...

“My secrets are MY secrets. This is clarified above. So, I keep my secrets to myself. Usually sharing them with the people I am closest too. Though I never really share them with strangers. I don’t know who you are, or what you would do with that kind of information. So, unfortunately, I am not going to share MY secrets with you. Extra safety pro-cautions. I hope you can respect my wishes. Not to tell my secrets to a stranger.”

I Believe...

"I… don't believe in… anything at the moment.."