The races of Kaliskel are far and wide, their reaches different than the one before.
For the Drakeyna, their reaches are icy cold, and snowy. Therefore a common trait of this race is to be cold to the touch. In both their human form, and dragon form. Sometimes frost drifts from their skin, and when they walk, freezes their steps to the ground.

Who Am I...


Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

All Drakeyna are descendants of one dragon. The Ishita. Because of this they are sworn enemies of the Nicheya who are charged to hunt down Ishita to absorb its wings.
Because of this, when Aspen caught wind that Aphrodite was alive, she swore to hunt down the woman, and kill her, to ensure that Ishita lives on forever.

My Appearance

When in her human form, Aspen has long hair, that starts out as a soft periwinkle color at her roots, but as it travels down because a soft bluish white color. She has caramel colored skin, blue eye brows, and purple eyes that are without pupils, and whites. Her lips are purple, and she has white tattoos in various places, as well as a bluish purple dragon tail with matching wings. Her nails are a purple color as well.
Dragon form is pending.