We don’t have to be what we were born to be. I’m not a monster. (Note: this profile is very much a work-in-progress project, and still needs to be developed, please, be patient <3)

Who Am I...

Simply a traitor, alive, and trying to make her way in the recently-restored universe.

Romantic Interests

I swing both ways.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Complicated, is one word to describe my story…except, not really? I’m not sure. but it’s something off a mess. When I opened my eyes for the first time, I wasn’t greeted by smiling parents, and a warm blanket.

No- i was greeted by the harsh sting of a cloning vat, and the weapon barrels of armed guards. The doctors were still there though, actually, checking that I was alright, well, okay- that was an overstatement… ‘to check if I was alive’ would be more accurate. What felt like months passed, as I started to feel my limbs, though it was only a matter of hours. Though there was someone else there, I came to realize. a child, with blazing orange hair, and parts of metal, and eyes of blue…who I came to learn, looked just like me…

My Appearance

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