Nero (The New half human Demon King)

Who Am I...

My name is Nero i am half human and half demon

My Story Is...

Long ago I was born to a demon father and a human mother. My mother was Eva and my father was Baron. One day I received a katana that my father forged from the depths of hell called the wailing dark. A katana able to cut through souls and trap the spirts in the blade. I kept the blade close to me. But one night a horde of demons broke into our house killing my father and murdering my mother….right in front of me. I felt a rage I never felt before surge through my, my blood boiling, my eyes filled with fire. Little did I know this rage helped me tap into my demonic power. Using my newfound strength I killed all the demons in my house in a bloody rampage. Soon afterwards I buried both of my parents in are field and I left the house never to return again. After awhile I challenged and killed the demon king and gained his power. What will I do with it……You will just have to find out.

My Appearance

White Hair

Black Suit and tie with a coat around my shoulders

White eyes with black pupils

Two Black demon horns

Pale Skin



Wailing Dark: A keep sake from my father forged in the depths of hell able to cut faster then the mortal eye can see and trap the souls of any unlucky person who dies by the katana stuck to the blade.

Deaths grasp: A pistiol infused with Nero’s demonic power able to create on hell of a bullet and when infused with Nero’s black flame is can be devestating.

Insightful eyes: Nero’s eye’s make it able to see into the invisible realm of limbo and able to predict oncoming attacks and see things naked to the human eye.

Black flames: With the pain that Nero has suffered in his childhood he turn that torture into black flames that can burn other flames and only can be stopped by the user.

Quicksilver: Upon defeating and killing the demon of speed Zichos. Nero absorb his soul granting him the power to slow down time for ten seconds.

Demon Form: When Nero’s limit as been pushed he enters his demonic form. This form enhances any and all of his ability’s. His appearances changes to a talk figure with eyes of rage and a smile that will scare anyone and he has a cloak of darkness surrounding him.

The Demon lords will: After defeating the demon king Nero now has the power to control any demon that is in Nero’s sight. He can also temporary mind control others to do his biding.



My Secrets Are...

Wouldn’t you like to know

I Believe...

Power should be used to protect your loved ones, not used for personal gain.