Aaron Lloyd

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Who Am I...

Aaron. Nothing more, nothing less

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

No one

My Story Is...

Eons Ago there was a Great War between angels and Demons for the safety or destruction of earth. Upon the battles end a powerful angel turned the tide in there favor and eracticated half of the demonic army causing them to retreated. Angered at this outcome the Demon king Baron found a extremely powerful demontress and they both made a child, hoping there powers would combine and the child would follow there will and slaughter the angels making way for the demons to take over any and everything. As the child is born the demontress gives up her life to bring another into the world causing the Baron to hate the child but still focused on his goal. Time passes and the child grows into a young man and is told of his so called “Fate”. He is told by his father that he must use all of his might to destroy the Angels making way for Baron to enslave mankind. The child now known as Damon doesent understand. He has never interacted with anyone besides a demon and dident understand. More time passes and from time to time he sneaks off to earth to embrace the life humans have and overtime he wishes he was one. One day Baron finds out then punishes his son to torture. During this torture Damon taps in to his unleashed demonic strength and goes into a blind rage and slaughters a massive amount of demons. Afterwards he falls into a coma due to the inability to control it. Baron aprouchs his child and gives him a smile. He now knows what his son is capable of and is just the salvation he needs. He nurses Damon back to health and tells his son that he needs to go to earth and pretend to be a human and find exploits in the world for the demon army to once again be let loose on there hellish crusade. Damon slowly agrees and is sent away from hell. As he arrives he decides to take his sweet time in his work. So he changes his name to Aaron and chooses to take on the world himself I’m a different way and maybe even protect humans. He sees no harm or hurt in these creatures. He had a kind gentle heart just like his mother who brought him into this world.

My Appearance

Aaron has slick black hair and a black leather jacket he wears most of the time and a white t-shirt underneath. He wears jeans but despite this common taste of clothing Aaron has his fair share of fashion. He sometimes even wears a tux just for the kicks.



Due to his heritage Aaron has a variety of ability’s at his disposal

Black flames– Aaron has the ability to shoot burning black flames from any part of his body, using them as projectiles, or even as a boost to charge fast into battle or to get away quick

Eyes of limbo– Aaron’s eyes allow him to see into the invisible realm of limbo. A place that exists between reality and the after life. Aaron can use this to see ghosts, demons, angels, or even a persons emotions.

Wailing dark– A Katana with a black black and a golden hilt and a white grip. Forge from the depths of hell Aaron received this from his father Baron before departing to earth. This sword cuts faster then the eye can see, traps the souls of victims it kills, and the blade can even extent so far it can come out the other side of the earth.

Demons embrace– By whispering a demonic chant into someone’s ear Aaron can control even the most strong willed people to do his bidding. The effect lasts intill Aaron breaks the spell or if he dies.

Quicksilver– During a blind rage he was thrown into due to torture Aaron figured out he can slow time for 10 seconds. During this he is able to get a look at everything around him before acting quickly

Transform– In dire situations Aaron will change into his full demonic self. This form enchanted everything from his speed and strength to his ability’s.

Inhuman speed and Strength– His demonic power allows him to punch so hard he can take out the side of a build and move at supersonic speeds, naked to the mortal eye and sometimes even angels and demons can’t keep up.

Healing– Aaron can heal rapidly, he can even heal fatal wounds but it can’t be limited. His healing factor can be pushed to the point where it stops working and that’s when Aaron can be killed.

Reaction time
– Aaron’s reaction time is unlike anything. He can dodge a bullet from point blank range and is able to take on multiple enemies at once.










My Secrets Are...

Sometimes I have trouble trusting others

I Believe...

"Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst, and corrupts the best. I never asked for power. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up."