Aaron Lloyd

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Who Am I...

Aaron. Nothing more, nothing less

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Taken by- Ruka Souen

My Story Is...

It all started at the door step of the house on a raining night when Aaron was just 4 years old crying as the thunder rages through the night. But his crying soon came to in end when he was comfort by two loving parents who took him in and raised him, but who also already had a son of there own. As Aaron grew older the other son know as Ryan grew jealous of him due to him being the only child. More time passes by and Aaron discovers he inst human at all but in fact a demon. He discovered this when him and Ryan played fought in the woods and Ryan, who was a descendant of angel accidentally shot a blast at Aaron which Aaron blocked with demonic energy. After this experience Ryan grew respect for Aaron and they formed a brotherly bound with each other. One day while roaming the woods all alone on a snowy day Aaron was attacked by a vampire from behind, who bit him on the neck pretty hard. He was able to break free and face the vampire only to see a young girl about his age who was bleeding badly and starving for blood. Because of his nice heart despite being attacked he carried the young vampire back to his secret tree house deep into the woods and shared some of his blood with the vampire and learned her name, Yuki Kuran. After receiving her name, Aaron told her his name and from that day forward the two created a everlasting bound of friendship that would be unbreakable. As time goes on the parents who Ryan was apart of and whom adopted Aaron had passed away and Aaron and Ryan parted ways while keeping in contact. Times passes on and Aaron creates a sword called the wailing dark, forged from his own demonic power and is reborn. Upon his rebirth his power skyrockets and he learns a new fighting style called Hakuto. With this fighting style Aaron can strike pressure points within any creatures body to kill them, freeze them, stop blood circulation, etc. But he can also perform miracles. After meeting a blind women he went behind her and touched what is called a kemmei point on her neck and right then and there the women’s eyesight was restore, and he even made a mute boy speak. What lies in store for Aaron….Well lets find out…

My Appearance

Aaron has white hair and perfers wearing his grey shirt with black long sleeves. When in a battle he useally wears a black trench coat

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Due to his heritage Aaron has a variety of ability’s at his disposal

Black flames– Aaron has the ability to shoot burning black flames from any part of his body, using them as projectiles, or even as a boost to charge fast into battle or to get away quick

Eyes of limbo– Aaron’s eyes allow him to see into the invisible realm of limbo. A place that exists between reality and the after life. Aaron can use this to see ghosts, demons, angels, or even a persons emotions.

Crucible- After Aaron’s katana the wailing dark was broken in battle, Aaron created a grip that was  able to transfer his demonic energy into a blade with demonic symbols engraved on the demon blade.

Demons embrace– By whispering a demonic chant into someone’s ear Aaron can control even the most strong willed people to do his bidding. The effect lasts intill Aaron breaks the spell or if he dies.

Quicksilver– During a blind rage he was thrown into due to torture Aaron figured out he can slow time for 10 seconds. During this he is able to get a look at everything around him before acting quickly

Transform– In dire situations Aaron will change into his full demonic self. This form enchanted everything from his speed and strength to his ability’s.

Inhuman speed and Strength– His demonic power allows him to punch so hard he can take out the side of a build and move at supersonic speeds, naked to the mortal eye and sometimes even angels and demons can’t keep up.

Healing– Aaron can heal rapidly, he can even heal fatal wounds but it can’t be limited. His healing factor can be pushed to the point where it stops working and that’s when Aaron can be killed.

Reaction time
– Aaron’s reaction time is unlike anything. He can dodge a bullet from point blank range and is able to take on multiple enemies at once.


                                                                                 Aaron’s Sword

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My Secrets Are...

Sometimes I have trouble trusting others

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I Believe...

"Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst, and corrupts the best. I never asked for power. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up."