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Who Am I...

Aaron. Nothing more, nothing less

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My Story Is...

It all started at the door step of the house on a raining night when Aaron was just 4 years old crying as the thunder rages through the night. But his crying soon came to in end when he was comfort by two loving parents who took him in and raised him, but who also already had a son of there own. As Aaron grew older the other son know as Ryan grew jealous of him due to him being the only child. More time passes by and Aaron discovers he inst human at all but in fact a demon. He discovered this when him and Ryan played fought in the woods and Ryan, who was a descendant of angel accidentally shot a blast at Aaron which Aaron blocked with demonic energy. After this experience Ryan grew respect for Aaron and they formed a brotherly bound with each other. One day while roaming the woods all alone on a snowy day Aaron was attacked by a vampire from behind, who bit him on the neck pretty hard. He was able to break free and face the vampire only to see a young girl about his age who was bleeding badly and starving for blood. Because of his nice heart despite being attacked he carried the young vampire back to his secret tree house deep into the woods and shared some of his blood with the vampire and learned her name, Yuki Kuran. After receiving her name, Aaron told her his name and from that day forward the two created a everlasting bound of friendship that would be unbreakable. As time goes on the parents who Ryan was apart of and whom adopted Aaron had passed away and Aaron and Ryan parted ways while keeping in contact. Times passes on and Aaron falls for Yuki and she falls for him as well. However this does not last long as Aaron told Yuki he dident want to her to love him. But this was far from the truth, Aaron was truly afraid of demon’s coming after her and him claiming him as a traitor. Aaron the explains to Yuki and she understands but her and Aaron stay best friends. More time passes and demons learn of the love Aaron once had for Yuki and is now deemed a traitor among all demon kind and is constantly trying to be killed for it. As this happens Yuki goes to London for a mission. But she worried for Aaron so this worry led her to ask one of her friends Ruka souen to watch Aaron and keep him out of trouble. As Aaron is training in the woods he hears a twig snap only to see a deer run off. Aaron grew suspicious seeing how the deer had no scent, but then he picked up a scent….a vampire’s sent. He then pinned the vampire to a tree only to discover it was a women wearing the same type of uniform as Yuki used to….It was Ruka souen. She explains she was sent here to watch him but Aaron scoffs at this then walks off only to have Ruka follow behind him. A few weeks pass on and they grow affections for eachother which eventually led to there first kiss. Aaron adn Ruka spend a few weeks together then after awhile go to the airport to meet up with Yuki coming home from London. Yuki is thrilled to see Aaron only to be even more thrilled to find out Aaron and Ruka are dating. As time goes on Aaron recives a vison that a hooded women would attempt to kill Yuki only to have Aaron get in the way to be killed himself. This vision makes Aaron go crazy and make his demonic thirst for blood skyrocket. Ruka offers some blood to calm him down enough for Aaron to explain what happen. Sure enough a few weeks later they were attack but by Aaron’s long lost sister Shinto. Shinto explains that her and Aaron are from a forgotten royal demon family and that here and Aaron should give in to there thirst and grow more powerful to rule hell together. Aaron immediately decline’s which leaves Shinto with no choice but to kill Aaron. As there fight rages on Shinto overpowers Aaron and beats him to the ground. Shinto gives Aaron a manical smile and go for the killing blow…..But Aaron does not die, Ruka stopped the blade using herself. This cause Aaron to go into a blind rage and transform into a full demon and make Shinto fall back. Aaron and Yuki are able to save Ruka and go back into there normal lives with Aaron daunting on his past. About a few weeks go by and Ruka becomes pregnant and Yuki is happy but Aaron isnt sure he is ready, but with a little encouragement from his lover and best friend he then smiles and they all go on and to make things even better Aaron purposes to Ruka a few days later which she gladly accepts. Two days go by and Ruka’s ex Kain shows up at there dooorstep only to punch Aaron in the jaw and attempt to kidnapped Ruka. They manage to get away and head to Yuki’s house where she currently was at for the time being. They explained what happen and come to the conculsion that Kain is working for Shinto. Well they were not to far off as this turns out to be true upon taking Ruka hostage after they find them. Aaron goes to find them with Yuki and Aido, another vampire with ice powers and Ruka’s friend. When they find them Kain threatens to kill the unborn child which makes Aaron lose it and attack him only to be suprised by his siter and gutted. As Aaron bleed out on the floor and Yuki and Aido attempt to fight Kain, Ruka is able to crawl over to him and give him some of her blood which is all he needed to win the fight. After winning Aaron lets Kain and Shinto live claming he is not a killer like all demons and he is in fact different due to be raised by humans and that his true family are the one’s he loves the most. Aido with the help of the vampire consul send Kain and Shinto off to exile only to have them escape. As this goes on Ruka and Aaron are relaxing by the lake only for Aaron to get a call. The voice on the other side claims that he will lose everything he loves then there is a loud gunshot. He turns around to see Ruka shot and Yuki calls Aaron trying to find out where they are. Aaron manages to stop the bleeding long enough for Yuki to show up and get them to the hospital. As they arrive Ruka is taking to emergency C-section room which makes Aaron get extremely scared. As they wait and wait and wait Aaron is brought into the room and have something put in his arms…..It was his baby girl Eva…..He sees Ruka not doing so well and Aaron sits next to her with his baby girl in his arms. Ruka and Aaron exchange some words then they both hold the baby together looking at her as baby Eva coo’s. But just then Aaron gets a call on his phone. He slowly answers and says” Who is this”.  What lies in store for Aaron….Well lets find out…

My Appearance

Aaron has white hair and perfers wearing his grey shirt with black long sleeves. When in a battle he useally wears a black trench coat

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Due to his heritage Aaron has a variety of ability’s at his disposal

Black flames– Aaron has the ability to shoot burning black flames from any part of his body, using them as projectiles, or even as a boost to charge fast into battle or to get away quick

Eyes of limbo– Aaron’s eyes allow him to see into the invisible realm of limbo. A place that exists between reality and the after life. Aaron can use this to see ghosts, demons, angels, or even a persons emotions.

Wailing Dark- After Aaron received a special made sheathe from his lover Ruka Souen, He then went on to make himself a blade infused with demonic energy. Upon creating the weapon Aaron named it the wailing Dark due to the blackness of the blade. This katana can hold Aaron’s demonic power and release it for devastating attacks.

Demons embrace– By whispering a demonic chant into someone’s ear Aaron can control even the most strong willed people to do his bidding. The effect lasts intill Aaron breaks the spell or if he dies.

Quicksilver– During a blind rage he was thrown into due to torture Aaron figured out he can slow time for 10 seconds. During this he is able to get a look at everything around him before acting quickly

Transform– In dire situations Aaron will change into his full demonic self. This form enchanted everything from his speed and strength to his ability’s.

Inhuman speed and Strength– His demonic power allows him to punch so hard he can take out the side of a build and move at supersonic speeds, naked to the mortal eye and sometimes even angels and demons can’t keep up.

Healing– Aaron can heal rapidly, he can even heal fatal wounds but it can’t be limited. His healing factor can be pushed to the point where it stops working and that’s when Aaron can be killed.

Reaction time
– Aaron’s reaction time is unlike anything. He can dodge a bullet from point blank range and is able to take on multiple enemies at once.


                                                                                 Aaron’s Sword

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Aaron’s Demon form

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My Secrets Are...

Sometimes I have trouble trusting others

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I Believe...

"Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst, and corrupts the best. I never asked for power. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up."