• Atrix Bellamy posted an update in the location Location logo of Let It OutLet It Out 2 years, 7 months ago

    Ya know what’s bullshit? People being allowed to tell others that suicide is okay. And not IC suicide. Legit suicide. On my Cheryl Alexander account, a user attacked me for having an anime girl as the pfp for the account. Yeah, I thought it was just a harmless joke too. So I joked back. Then the fucker called me emo, and I was like “What?” Then he said “I mean, weebs are supposed to be depressed and suicidal.” So then I said “So you think just because I like anime that I should go kill myself?” And then he fucking responded with “It would do the world a favor”.

    How the fuck do people get away with this shit? I wanna know.

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