Intro Video



Who Am I...

Owner of Apothecary and garden (Ominous-Rose), Herbalist and Alchemist/potion-master,

Romantic Interests

“Mm, I don’t think you can keep your trap shut, love.”

Relationship Status

“No one at the moment.. Don’t plan on falling anytime soon. Plants have my heart for now.”

My Appearance

~ Height ~ 5’7
~ Weight ~ 134lbs
~ Race ~ UNKNOWN

~ Class ~ Sorceress

~ Eyes ~ Icy Blue
~ Hair Color/Style ~
Black, straight, almost reaches hips, fringed bangs,

~ Physical ~
Pale skinned. Kind features though can be blank at times. Thin framed, but has an hourglass curve.

~ Personality ~
Strong willed, quiet, secretive,

~ Appearance ~
Basically wears anything black to fill her Gothic heart’s desires. Occasionally wears a touch of blue or green to make her eyes pop. – Ripped skinny jeans, pleated skirts, turtlenecks, anything fishnet or lace, lots of jewelry, boots, converse, flip-flops, bare feet, etc..


~ Property ~

* Ominous-Rose – Apothecary shop for potions and herbs. Small property with an exquisite garden.

~ Equipment ~

* Potions – of all qualities.

* Ointments and herbs – For healing on the go.


~ Power/Gift ~

* Ice – Can manipulate ice.

* Aqua – Can manipulate water.

* Green thumb – the ability to grow plants and greenery with ease for harvest and healthy blooms.


I Believe...

“You reap what you sow..”