Abigail A/Mikayla L-M

Intro Video

Who Am I...

Abigail The Dauntless Neko/Mikayla Of The Leontine Clan

Romantic Interests

Male (Mikayla) Female (Abby)

Relationship Status

Dating Sliver (Mikayla) Single (Abigail)

My Story Is...

Abigail’s Story:

Born to The Pinkadow Family,Abby’s Father was a very powerful man being the God Of Nightmares…she and her slibbings suffered his Abuse Expect her older brother never got hit with this and she and her sisters watched each night as he took in a bottle of champagne every night before coming to tuck Abby in.It only took him a few years before his colors shined through and he murdered Abby’s Mother:Amelia Pinkadow and a few days and weeks had passed before Alida and Andrew started to clash caused by her death and as for me,I had to watch this from the ocean cause My Father  had thrown me in the water and I ended up at the shores of A distant place called Persistence Red Sun after 6 years of swimming and float,I was given a foster home by a Corrupt Adoption Agency with Pixie named Tavi and a Girl called Abi who raised me for the next 6 years  the before around i was adopted by Raven Singetail who took care me for a couple years before I was transferred as my sister:Pandora’s Daughter and Helped me reuntie with my slibbings whether they were unknown or missing before Gaining The Title Of Leontine Clan Kitsune and redesigning the Dress her foster Family gave her as a Kitsune dress and marrying Emila Sagestone and Raising Lily Angelang together

Mikayla’s Story

First Moments to Be Remembered was Her First Caretaker/Guardian:Aderlin Diercedrath who raised her for about 4 and a half years before she was moved to Senshi’s and Ayane’s Guardianship for most her teen years before they both died of Something that she prefers not speak about  while she spends most of her time as a child being raised by Roxy and Anna till she adopted her Only Adopted Daughter;Aila and Giving the rest of her kids,God-Parnets and a different last name since hers was so long.

My Appearance

Abigail’s Looks

Mikayla’s Looks


Abby’s Inventory

Legal Documents On a Las Vegas Clinic

Diaper Bag For Lily

Wedding Ring


Kitsune Dress

LC Comms

Mikayla’s Inventory

Clan Papers


LC Comms

Her Children’s Legal and Medical Documents

My Secrets Are...

You’ll have to find out


I Believe...

There is Lighten Hope For All!