Amelia Ravenwood

Who Am I...

a young traveler wanting to find peace, but is willing to use her sword.

Romantic Interests

Met the Prince of the Underworld once, he was handsome.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

In a magical realm I once lived with a loving family in a beautiful town in the Countryside, now I travel the vast forest to keep myself safe from the one who took everything from me. My name is Amelia Ravenwood I’m 18 and I’ve been on my own since I was 12. The land I travel gives me not only food and shelter but also comfort in solitude. I know one day I’ll have to re-enter society but the thought of being found is a hard one to bear. Til then I will travel through the forest with my father’s sword and be wary of any travelers I might come across.

My Appearance

Long dirty blonde hair, 5’6″, Hazel green eyes, light tan skin, a curvy but toned body. Usually has her hair tied up with a long green ribbon typically wears a black medieval blouse with a corset, black trousers, and a dark green cloak that is lined with a black bear fur her boots are dark brown which matches her satchel bag and sword belt.

My Secrets Are...

Something for you to find out as we go.

I Believe...

That magic has a a plan for me.