Xantara Viator

Who Am I...

Xantara Viator

Romantic Interests

Not really a particular person

Relationship Status

Married to work

My Story Is...

My name Xantara Viator, but everyone calls me Tara. They had named me the Phantom Girl, for reasons quite obvious, maybe it was the silver blood running through my veins, my white hair and colorless eyes, or maybe it was because I had come from thin air. A girl found on the crash site of unidentified aircraft, who had no records being born nor the rest of her family. And the worst part, I couldn’t remember anything before waking up in the hospital. I had no clue I was from a far future, no idea that I was time traveler with a IQ of 190 and the skills of a assassin. I didn’t know I was sent to stop the biggest disaster ever. But now I do, and I have a new name…The Silver Paladin


Odds and ends of mechanical pieces, two twin daggers from my father, a few books and a list of fake identities.

My Secrets Are...

Even though I seem rough on the outside I am pretty sensitive

I Believe...

A gun to the head is dangerous, but intelligence is lethal.



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