Bronwyn Hazefallow

Who Am I...

None of your business

Romantic Interests

No one. Too dangerous.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

   Her power as a child was weak and obviously untrained. She would accidentally revive dead animals or wilted plants. One day she saw a tiny, wooden horse. A carving with no joints. She “touched” it and gave it life only to have it scream in agony as it could not move within the wooden structure. It was trapped. Her father panicked and burned it. The sound of the creature screaming as it burned haunts her nightmares. She refused to ever ‘touch’ anything again. But as her power has to be used on a regular basis, she accidentally animated a clockwork mouse she saw in a shop. She had watched the crafter make various toys since she was old enough to walk. When the man saw it, he saw dollar signs. He sweet talked her into helping him, he would craft the shell and she filled it.


   They worked together for months, the nobles of the large city amused by the creations that could walk and ”mimic life’. They made the Crafter rich and Bron gained nothing. When her father found out what she had been doing, he beat her nearly to death. His fear that the brotherhood would find out and kill them all made him crazy with fear and thought to beat the ‘curse’ from his daughter. Though the fact that he was a member of the Underground Movement against the Brotherhood perhaps played a large part in that. Once she had healed, she returned to the Crafter and only then realised it was life she was granting, not some magic trick. That they had feelings, emotions, could feel pain and joy. She refused to make anymore for him. He threatened her, berated her and cast her from his sight. As he could no longer supply what they wanted, his business was dying. He went to the brotherhood for aid and betrayed her. They killed him and attempted to make it appear Bronwyn had done it.


   Her father had no choice then. He had to hand her over or the Brotherhood would certainly search a little too deeply for the Movement’s safety. So, he handed her over. Betrayed his only daughter to protect the others. The reward money he was given was never used, set inside a box and hidden away. They tried to take Bronwyn but with her mother’s intervention, at the cost of her life, she managed to escape. Unfortunately, she was captured a few cities away and held for the First Chosen (the leader of the Brotherhood) to question. During that time, she was kept near death, starved and beaten. She fears the Men of Red more than anything as they had told her she would die and the chosen would bring her back intending to use her power with her under their command. It was in fear that she ‘touched’ her guard and instead of trying to make him live, she tried to make him die. It took time, and the pain to him and herself was beyond any she had ever felt. Once he fell, a dried and empty husk, she felt as though she was buzzing with power and instinctively used it to heal herself. However, she carries his memories which also surface in her dreams. She managed to escape and fled the planet.


   Once she was away from that world, she found a new one and hid in the homeless of the major cities. She would craft a small life for herself until the Men in Red were whispered of. Then, she would flee that world and managed to always be one step ahead.

My Appearance

Bronwyn is just shy of six feet, red hair with a small white streak in the front. She has vivid green eyes that shine when she uses her power. She usually wears grungy pants, shirt and an old oversized jacket. Always carries a small bag of spare parts that she is always tinkering with. A pair of magnifying glasses sit atop her head.

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

I will die on the run..