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There were events and people that shaped her life. In the dark and in the light, she may have lost it all to madness, but it does’t mean that she was or is helpless. She had the wit, Courage, skills, and ability To save herself. She made a choice and that choice was her saving grace or down fall in the depths of the dark.  The fire  that lights  the embers of her soul to care. To move on to press forward.  Through the dark and madness to reach for the light even as she knows its unatainable for her.


Who Am I...

Ages long past have come and gone, memory is a thing that people call precious. For Nacht memory is like a passing fancy. They’re all there, but the order and time in which they happened, see to come and go. Lucidity is fiction.

Relationship Status

2 partners,to be married soon ((irl))

My Story Is...

~She had been away or asleep, not that it matters whether she remembered the reason or why stopped rising to see the waking world around her. It had been to many to count the world and the day or age looked like any other, Shaking her head, stepping into the shower, washing the ages from herself seemed to be the best course of action. Taking time letting the water and moisture soak her body, the golden glow from the suns of egypt slowing surfacing. Turning the shower off and stepping into the bedroom smiling, picking up the clothes knowing she didn’t really need them to be dressed, but going through old routines felt right, reminding her of times long past~
~Through the ages she had found many styles and places that she loved to be, but it always seemed for naught. The flowing material that covered her body didn’t resemble any time or age that bared remembering. The weight of her jewelry was that weight to be a reminder of a time and place that she could no longer place. The colors changed from the ever pristine white to crimson and midnight, reminding her of the fact sun was now the moon and her beloved sands were always cold in the reflected light of it, though the leather showed its age and hers and where she came from.
~Before walking out the door, She picked up her crimson locks from the floor, braiding them and making sure her katanas ever faithful were in their rightful place, Leaving the longsword at home, packed for the trip and loaded into the carriage to follow behind her. She swept up onto her ebony stallion to ride to the place she had missed the place where she found love, sorrow, heartbreak, and last, but not least Joy.~ The night was going home.

The night had come and made a home for herself among those she found in  the tavern of the blue moon. It had been long since she had grown and evolved from a Shadow. To the living dark she had  found power here among those who she came to call friends. Having  the time of a lover which ended in fire, had wanted to take time to find herself in the aftermath of it. Happening upon someone who took in essence a friend from her which ended in a mark that had seared her soul.   Leaving its visible remains on the surface of her skin at the base of her spine. A pact for what is owed to her. “A mark of the butcher.” 

My Appearance

A dress of midnight satin accents skin sparked with freckles that suggests it may once have been sunkissed but is now a pale copper.  Dark crimson hair is tied in beaded braids that fall over her shoulders to cascade to the floor, bringing out her eyes, a rich jade above high cheekbones. About her waist lay a well-weathered leather belt with a sheathed Khopesh who’s sheath and pommel are similarly aged.  The satin dress is slit up both sides to mid-thigh, revealing skillfully designed sandal boots whose laces bear polished beads of gold and sandstone snugly fitted to her shapely calves.  There is nothing of stillness about her, she fidgets endlessly, with eyes that dart about the room, fingers that take in the texture of anything that comes near, and hips that sway to music only she seems able to hear.



Upon her person

A Khopesh- Egyptian short sword,Carried across the hollow of her back able to be pulled        with the practice and ease.

Two Jade katanas- Either at her sides for the ability of a cross draw or in and inverse x upon her back again for the ease or drawing them smoothly.

Magical runes – inscribed in her skin for the protection of those around her more than herself. To keep the darkness and shadows from getting to far out of control. A fail safe for those around her.

The Shadows-  having the ability to call the darkness or shadows to her aid to protect or destroy.

A sheaf of knives-  used for throwing, distraction or what they are a distance weapon.

Clove Cigarettes- homegrown and rolled usually keeping a pack or two on her for stress relief.

Zippo- her favorite lighter given to her by an old friend, more of a memento then used, but perfectly able to be used if needed.

Katana- made by Charles

Negative Emotion EmpowermentUser becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by a quintessential negative emotions, such as anger, hatred, sadness, envy, depression, arguments, fear, etc. of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing their existing powers. Some users may be able to draw sustenance from the negative emotions or even slow or stop aging.

My Secrets Are...

Lost with in time and madness



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