Ayane Huon

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Full name: Ayane Huon


Nickname/Alias: Aya, Yan


Pronouns: She/Her


Age: Literally, she’s just over a year old. Physically, she’s about 24


Gender: Female


Race/Species: Wolf Demon/Yuki hybrid


Birthplace: Hellifyno


Current Location: Hellifyno


Alignments: Chaotic Neutral


Religion: Polytheistic


Dominative Hand: Left



Height: 5’8


Weight: 180 pounds


Body Type: slim, athletic, built like a dancer


Hair color and style: long, black, generally left down


Eye color: Red


Skin Tone: pale


Skin Complexion: flawless, just a little pale


Tattoo/Mark: none


Scar(s): She still has a scar across her throat where she was ripped apart


Outfit/Clothing Style: She generally has a pretty gothic/punk rock sort of style


Age Appearance: 24


Glasses/contacts: none


Distinguished Feature: Wolf-like ears, long black tail



Overall Personality: Ayane is extremely arrogant and self-centered. She believes that she’s not only incredibly beautiful, but she’s powerful as well. This isn’t entirely true, but there’s not much that can convince her that she isn’t. She can be flirtatious, sultry, quick to offer up a little smile even if she doesn’t find the other person very interesting. Which, by the way, is extremely hard for her to do. She doesn’t find anyone interesting, really, mostly choosing to interact with others because they might serve a purpose later. The only thing she doesn’t have in common with her mother is her hatred of the open seas.


Usual Mood: She’s generally in a good mood. Even if it doesn’t seem like she is.


Rare Mood: Angry


Good Trait: Friendly


Bad Trait: Arrogant


Mental Age: 16


Soft Spots: beautiful men with gorgeous eyes


Habit: smoking/drinking


Fear/Phobia: beaches




— tobacco


— alcohol


— flirting


— Beautiful men


— Overcast weather






— Anivari


— Being ripped apart


— Rain


— Oceans


Hobbies/Talents: She likes to sing, is exceptionally talented with music, and she also likes to play around with smoke magic.


Triggers: Rainy weather and forests


Dreams: To get a chance to live this time around


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Ayane Huon

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Adalfieri Giovanni

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