Aygher The Warmheart


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Dragons are not meant to be controlled by anyone. They’re fierce creatures with an intelligence out of this world. It’s only by will power and will power alone that they abide by the rules and laws of others and never in the pursuit to corrupt the balance of the world.


Aygher The Warmheart

Dragon Tamer and Conqueror

Hands dipped in black, body cloaked by sin.




å¾®å?Appearance: Hair is often kept long, cut short on the side that bares the mark of the dragon in scaled form due to the possibility of singed hair. For the most part, his hair is brown with red dyed streaks toward the bottom, usually braided on one side or the other. Occasionally, he’ll bleach that part and dye it blue when he’s feeling a little down.


His eyes are red when he’s provoked, otherwise a rich gold or tan that consumes all doubt. He stands tall above others at six foot seven, has a lean physique with broad shoulders. His hands are tattooed black to signify his contract with his dragon.

(Open RP) the dragon on my arm writhed in anticipation as I pulled my hair back. "You defend your honor as I defend my title." I say cooly as I look at the fighter in front of me. It was a magical duel, and everyone knew who was gonna win. You were in the crowd and had gone to everyone of my fights even though I had no clue who you were. There's an unearthly chime and the fight begins. Small tendrils of red smoke snake around my legs as I halfheartedly smile at the opponent. "May the best man wi



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Sadness isn’t something that can be stricken from one’s facade easily. You can try but until the reason is taken care of, you’re generally poking a bee’s nest. Aygher suffers a deep depression brought on by the dragon’s feelings and the death of his family in his early life. It’s not something that can be curbed, though he deals with it on a daily basis either by gambling or something else that can capture his attention for a while.


He has a nurturing heart, though, and often gives in to trust very easily, even for the wrong people at times.




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