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Name- Azura
21 years
Water divination (Hydromancy) Water manipulation and creation. (Maternal heritage)
Manipulation and control of lunar elements (Power sourced from moon- Paternal heritage)
Possesses the ability to heal self and others



Who Am I...

Protector of the mountain. Daughter of Moon & Water.

My Story Is...


Character open for both public and private play. 🙂
Please note that in regards to Private RP, paragraph responses are required.
18+ only.


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History- The Last of the Akaari



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Azura was born into the isolated and remote village of the Akaari, an ancient and rumored to be mythological and strictly matriarchal tribe whose community was nestled deep within a lush and forested valley, surrounded by steep and impassable mountains. Descendant from the Goddess of Water, Healing and Hydromancy (Melusina), her celestial bloodline were blessed with natural born gifts of magic. Not only were they able to manifest and control the element of water, they also used it for divination purposes and possessed the ability to heal themselves, and others. Purposely kept hidden from the outside world for centuries, the Akaari acted as guardians of the mountain, protectors of the sacred springs and lagoons that held the power to cure any affliction, even able to reverse death. Their oath was to keep the divinity of their souls and the secrets they harbored safe from the destruction of men, who their culture preached strongly against, especially the concept of love.


Azura was born the eldest of five daughters, next in line to take over as High Priestess after her mother, Seraphina. However, from the moment she came hurtling into the world amongst a bed of vines and wild flowers, Azura was marked as different, even among her own people. Traditionally, all those born within the ancestral bloodline of the Goddess possesses striking straight pale hair and blue eyes, but after laboring for many hours, Azura was born under the light of a full moon with wide green eyes and a dark patch of hair. As she grew, she turned into an inquisitive but rebellious child whose curiosity and reluctance to follow rules blindly often so her harshly punished. Unlike those before her, Azura was the first to question the restrictions placed upon her, the first to desire that what was forbidden and much of her childhood was spent fleeing the elders from her village, evading long hours spent on cold temple floors to chant mindlessly in prayer in favor of climbing the mountain ranges and diving from clifftops to watery pools below. Even stranger was the fact that as she aged, her dark hair grew in tangled coils that were slashed with white and silver, the two toned mane next to impossible to tame.  Odder still was the birth of her four sisters, who in comparison, all contained flowing manes of blonde, marking her as the literal black sheep of the family. However she was still the eldest, and expected to lead one day, a thought that filled her with dread for the young girl craved knowledge and adventure outside the boundaries of the only home she had ever known.


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Azura’s sisters (Nyneve, Masika, Lyra and Ephyra)


Many people searched for the existence of the legendary tribe and yet Azura’s world appeared on no map, its location shrouded in secrecy for good reason, the rough terrain of her mountainous home making it difficult to traverse for even the bravest soul yet to the pale savage, those slopes were easy to scale. For hundreds of years, the Akaari lived with limited to no contact from the outside world, a peaceful existence without violence or the corruption of mankind. That was until the day Azura turned sixteen. On that day, she had risen early before the sun even had a chance to do so, roaming alone alongside the mountain ranges as she contemplated the rites of passage she was to undergo that day. As she began the long walk back to the village, the sky was a dark blue threaded with pink, the start of a new day. But by the time she neared the border, those streaks of pink were burning to red, and although she could not see beyond the rise of stone and rock, her senses were quickly invaded by the thick scent of smoke and blood, her ears filling with screams of agony and fear as she descended into the clearing.


They had been discovered, attacked while the sun still slept. Her vision bathed in an eerie glow of orange and red, Azura struggled to adjust her mossy green gaze to the carnage, the horror and violence erupting before her. Two of her sisters, Masika and Lyra , aged six and eight, lay dead at her feet, mutilated and staring with lifeless eyes, a river of blood drenching her bare feet. They must have tried to flee into the forest for their faces were turned towards the trees, silently pleading. Her people were being slaughtered, such savagery beyond comparison, a frenzied unorganized lust for blood in the attempt to discover those legendary secrets.  She saw it all. Homes and temples burning before her eyes, panicked occupants forced inside to be burned alive, those who resisted beaten without mercy. Elderly men, women and children ran for their lives, but they were pursued, and clubbed to death, raped, tortured right beside their fallen kin. Mothers screamed as infants were ripped from their arms and thrown carelessly into the dirt, or else their small heads dashed against stone.


As news of the slaughter spread, many continued to deny the existence of such a community, dismissing the stories. Captured and tortured for information, Azura became the last of her kind and though she was eventually able to flee, she was forced to accept that she would spend the remainder of her life avoiding the constant threat of those that hunted her, intent on uncovering the secret of her blood and the mountain.  Was this divine punishment for her desire to break free and glimpse the outside world? In her mind, she wondered… It was during one of these early raids, that three of ancient Akaari relics were stolen, shards of Melusina’s soul ripped apart and scattered to the wind. And with their disappearance, the goddess began to fade leaving Azura with little choice but to venture from the home she had never left in search of the sacred relics. It was only by chance that the woman stumbled upon a tear in space and time, sending her tumbling into the odd world of Hellifyno where everything she had every known would be thrown into question… (See Hellifyno section for current plot developments).



Akaari culture


 Akaari belief is that water is the life force that connects all living things- the sister of death, the two so closely connected that they cannot be separated.


Whilst a peaceful tribe that had a natural aversion to violence, there were many dark and secretive aspects to their way of life that could be deemed as savage and uncivilized.

Akaari culture revolves heavily around keeping the land of the Goddess free from the corruption and sin of outside forces, especially men, that might seek to manipulate or destroy her divinity. Love was expressively forbidden and preached against. The only time the women left their isolated mountain was for the purpose of procreation, an act that was viewed as an unpleasant but necessary chore, designed for the sole purpose of continuing their way of life and from which no relationships or emotion was allowed to spring, using the men on the other side of those jagged peaks and vanishing like a mirage before morning. Men were considered vessels and nothing more, a father’s role non existent and unimportant. Whilst there is no such thing as a male Akaari and most children were female, sons were produced from time to time however such a thing was a rare occurrence. Traditionally, these infants were drowned at birth but the custom was changed by Azura’s early defiance of the rule which came about after she intervened on the drowning of her infant brother when she herself was still but a child. Since that time, male children were allowed to live among the tribe until they reached a certain age upon where they were marked (two tattooed waved lines on the wrist) before being abandoned to the river, guided to new homes by the grace and mercy of Melusina. Those deemed worthy, were guided back to the homeland in old age to await death as  a final act of kindness, reunited with the soil of their birth. As such, Azura’s experience with men  before Hellifyno was limited to young children and the elderly.
(More to come)


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Since arriving in Hellifyno, Azura has been confronted with all manner of threats, her naivety and tendency to loose control of her emotion and magic often making her a target though the largest hurdle she currently faces is coming to terms with evidence that her people’s beliefs on love, the outside world and the nature of men in general was skewed in perception for she has met many individuals that have thrown her culture into doubt. Despite this inner conflict and based on her personal experiences, Azura still finds it difficult to trust those of the male persuasion and strangers in general with the exception of the legendary Celtic warrior, Cu Chulainn, who has become like an older brother to the girl, a fitting replacement for the one she lost, along with several other faces she has met along the way.



However, it was the appearance of her father, a man named Erodo, that really threw the woman’s world into chaos. With dark hair flecked with silver, it was difficult to deny the relation despite her insistence that their connection by blood was meaningless. His appearance into her life was shocking enough, but to discover that her mother had once broken the most important rule of their society and fallen in love herself was near too much for the girl to take. Further enlightenment came with the news that her father’s blood was connected to an ancient God that held dominion over the moon and stars, the celestial rival of her own Goddess. Erodo claimed to come from such a tribe, forbidden to contact any member of the Akaari and yet the union had occurred, Azura the result, a babe destined create harmony out of conflict as those two forms of raw elemental magic waged war inside her.



My Appearance



Hair: Black streaked with ivory and silver. In long and almost always tangled coils, her unruly two toned mane falls to hips and is always worn loose. Leaves and forest debris are often caught in those tumbling curls.

Eyes: Mossy emerald green. When accessing her magic, those depths are illuminated by dancing shards of blue and silver, their natural shade growing luminescent.


Height/Build: 5’1. Curvy hourglass figure.

Body paint:  Azura also often decorates the contours of her face with painted tribal markings, commonly a thick band of black or blue charcoal across the eyes and nose with white dots edged above and below the brows. A vertical line is often dashed through the center of her lip or chin.

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Piercings: Navel with attached belly chains. A row of silver studs forms a necklace at the base of her throat, a matching row set below her bottom lip


Attire: Azura is almost always dressed in the traditional opaque fabric of her ancestors. Her pale skin usually drenched in glimmering shades of blue or violet cloth that hangs like a transparent veil, clinging to her silver curves.


 TattoosThe majority of Azura’s pale skin is covered with tattooed runes and tribal markings, her limbs decorated with blue and black ink.


Back- Three interlocking sea serpents, bodies twisting and writhing together, their flattened heads flaring out over one shoulder with fangs bared. Whilst all of her tattoos are significant, this particular image is in homage to the three mortal daughters of Melusina from which her people sprung, the sea snake being a sacred representation of the goddess in animal form.

Stomach- Tribal mandala that wraps around her navel. This piece is unfinished due to the slaughter of her people. Traditionally, a new section was added for each year leading up to her taking over as High Priestess.







Azura’s material possessions are few for her people did not place much value in ownership however she does of a small collection of things she clings to for sentimental reasons, given to her by those she has encountered.

— A vial of raw magic, blood gifted to by her close friend and adopted sister, Eve.
— A small dagger (Given to her in her first days on Hellifyno by Orion)
— A necklace of amethyst in which vines of blue run like spiderwebs. (Bought for her by Cu Chulain)
— A violet phoenix feather. (Threaded through her hair by Nikolas before her funeral)
–A necklace of polished and silver moonstone. (Given to her by her father, Erodo, during the last moments of his life. The trinket was a gift from her mother, and passed on to her through Iniro/Sic)
— A portal coin. (Given by Raziel.)
— A carved onyx rose (Given by Nacht as a gateway to her home)
–Engraved mirror (Given by Archibald Cheshire as a means to summon him)
–Silver ring, set with eye of quartz. (Given by Archibald Cheshire as a means to access psychic realm)

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My Secrets Are...

Story of creation (Akaari origins)


In the beginning, many generations ago, a grand city was perched amongst the cliff tops of the Akaari mountain ranges against a backdrop of an immense plummeting waterfall and was  was ruled over by an ancient royal line whose sons inherited the crown and power which they wielded with the savagery of man.  The city maintained contact with the outside world through only one winding trail which was cut through the thick landscape of the mountains, a strategic tactic which limited the risk of attack making the city virtually an impenetrable fortress whose natural resources helped it flourish with wealth created from trade.



All was as it had always been until the day the eldest prince became lost on his daily horse ride. He had stumbled into a wild and strange section of the mountain that he had never come across before. When he returned, days later, he brought with him an eerily beautiful, silver haired girl whom he declared to all had saved his life yet he would tell no one how or where he had come to find the exotic girl who barely spoke, whose pale blue eyes were too large and too bright.  Melusine, she said her name was although she would reveal nothing else not even to the Prince who slowly became more and more entranced by her eccentric ways and primal nature.


Her appearance within the palace walls caused chaos and conflict amongst the royal family and the city in general. She was considered too wild, too uncivilised, her breeding too poor to ever be accepted. By the time he proposed to her, rumours had already begun to circulate that she had bewitched the young man with magic. Melusine accepted the proposal on one condition; that a private oasis be built for her use alone, away from the palace, nestled amongst vines and nature and that no one, even her husband, should ever be allowed to enter whilst she bathed which the Prince accepted gladly, with little thought or question, so enamoured was he. The King flew into a rage upon hearing the news and forbid the union from taking place however the love struck young couple wed in secret, leaving the Royal family with little choice other then to accept the odd new princess.


Over the years, the couple only fell more deeply in love and were blessed with three daughters however Melusine struggled to fit into her new life and began to spend greater lengths of time roaming the mountainside alone or with her daughters whispering to them secrets that she could tell no one else or closeted away in her private oasis.


Taking advantage of her distance, the King whispered poisonous words into his son’s ears, year in and year out as his daughters grew more and more beautiful and increasingly like their mother, always running wild and incapable of keeping themselves dry. Finally, with suspicion and paranoia in his heart, the Prince secretly followed his wife to the pool where she bathed and watched as her pale legs transformed into scales the moment she plunged into the water, her skin taking on a shimmer of blue. Shocked, angered and disgusted by the transformation, he leapt from his hiding place to confront her but the moment he did, she looked upon his face and he turned to stone right before her eyes, such was the curse of her affliction.


Melusine wailed in grief at the loss of her lover and the betrayal of his actions but soon turned to rage as she thought of the way the city and the King had manipulated, mistreated and judged her and their love. The skies above opened, a bellowing storm arising from thick grey clouds as bolts of lightening and thunder rained down alongside sheets of pounding violent rain. The city trembled as the water of the river that snaked through it’s centre began to rise, flooding over banks turned to mud and obliterating anything in it’s path. Her daughters, the three princesses, fled the palace walls, skirts drenched as they ran through the storm to find their mother in the one place they knew she would be. Rocks began to fall, crashing down from mountains above, landing with purpose onto turrets and towers as stone walls came crumbling down, reduced to nothing more then rubble.


A mob of frightened and angry villagers accompanied by the royal guard found Melusine just as her daughter’s did. Lost in her grief and rage, she appeared more demon then human as her clouded eyes and pale arms raised towards the heavens. Though they crowded around her protectively, the three young girls could do nothing to stop the sea of angered faces which circled their mother as heavily armoured soldiers dragged her with little resistance to the shadow of a large sweeping willow tree from the branch of which they strung a thick corded rope, the other end they looped tightly around her neck. As her feet lifted from the ground and the breath escaped her body in choked gasps, her daughters screamed, held back by strong hands, as they lost both parents in one day. A priest, specially selected for the task, murmured an ancient prayer of banishment and exile as the life seeped from her body, the words designed to trap and bind the witch’s soul to the water of the mountain. As a final act of revenge, the ritual specified that her form be limited to half woman, half fish so that she would remain cursed to belong to neither land nor sea.


The city all but destroyed and the spirit of the woman who had caused it lurking around them, it’s people began to flee. The King’s body lay crushed and forgotten beneath stone. Amongst the ruins and rubble, Melusine’s three daughters stayed to form their own world, one without the corruption of men, creating a safe haven of specially chosen women. The old paths travelled were destroyed, blocked by boulders and new ones were made, kept hidden and secret to only those who knew where to tread. And so the tribe of the Akaari were born, Melusine’s blood line kept alive through her daughters and their daughters and so on with one female in each generation chosen to act as High Priestess.