History told that King Arthur had a nephew named Gawain who would become one of Camelot’s greatest knights, as well as one of Arthur’s most loyal allies and trusted friends. Most of this was true, though some of the true details were lost to history. Gawain hadn’t been Arthru’s nephew by blood. In fact he hadn’t been born Gawain at all. He had actually been an Egyptian born child by name of Gwalchmei that a young King Lot happened upon while traveling through Egypt on a diplomatic mission. Gwalchmei’s village had been destroyed in a conflict over it’s resources. Lot first saw Gwalchmei, a lone survivor carrying and dragging his dead family from the ruins of the village to what seemed to be his people’s burial grounds. The Child’s strength, determination and honor struck Lot so deeply that he helped the boy bury his family and took him with him when he left to sail back to Europe. Taking him in, Gwalchmei was given the name Gawain and raised by Lot and eventually Arthur’s sister Morgause, as their own.

Growing up as an outsider had not started out easily for Gawain, especially one from such a far away land as he was, however the strength and pure will that had struck Lot so deeply remained, and Gawain never showed any weakness to his peers, and grew to become one of their strongest protectors. As he grew older, he became fast friends with Arthur, training and learning together in both the arts of war, and academics beneath the tutelage of Merlin. When Arthur was crowned King of Camelot, Gawain became one of his most loyal and trusted knights. While Arthur was the most respected, and Lancelot the most skilled, Gawain’s immense strength, steel will, and raw battle prowess made him Camelot’s most feared knight. He was known to be able to wrestle mountain cats and bears into submission, and even when gravely wounded, he would never leave a comrade or fellow knight behind. Long forgotten where the times when the people of Lothian and Camelot saw him as an outsider. Instead they loved him as one of their strongest and most steadfast protectors.

It was no surprise that when the final battle for Camelot came, the bulk of Morgana and Mordred’s forces were focused on the Knights lead by Gawain and Lancelot. While Arthur stood as the last line of defense of Camelot, the two friends and comrades laid waste to their enemies in droves. The battle looked all but won by the Knights of the Round table until one of Mordred’s generals took an orphanage hostage and used the children there to turn the tide of the battle. Not willing to risk the lives of their knights, Gawain and Lancelot went alone to face the general and his forces. While Lancelot distracted them, Gawain was able to defeat the general and free the children and the others that had been taken hostage. Taking advantage of the numbers, the general’s knights and Wizards attacked in full force. Gawain and Lancelot dove head first into the waves of enemies with such fierce will and determination that no one who survived that battle would ever forget the horror and fear instilled into them by them, and would later name them the two Demon Knights.

Doing his best to buy time for the others to escape, Gawain saw that one maiden had stayed behind for some reason and the knight redoubled his efforts to protect her. No matter how many arrows, spears, or blades pierced his armor and flesh, Gawain fought on until only a handful of enemy knights were left to retreat. Gawain stood tall until he knew they were gone for sure, and much like his companion Lancelot, even in his victory he succumbed to his injuries and fell to the earth. His last moments were spent with his head in the lap of the maiden who had remained behind, a hand reaching up to cup the side of her face as the world faded, his last thoughts wondering about her fate once he was dead. Gawain was never sure if he had been simply chosen by The Blood God to be reborn as apart of his Blood Court of Avalon, or if the Maiden had prayed for him in his dying moments, but when the Court was raised, Gawain found himself reborn along with many of his comrades from Camelot, as well as a few former enemies, but like the rest of the court, he left his past in the past and began life anew.

Given a second childhood, Gawain proved to be just as loyal, willful, and honorable as he had in his former life, not only pledging himself to the protection of Avalon, but to his fellow blood bonded. When it came time for him to claim his power, Gawain gladly accepted his fate as Avalon’s Blood Dragon. Like the other members of the court, Gawain was gifted by the Blood God Crimson the limited ability to rewrite reality using his blood as a catalyst. With his ability to remake himself into the form of any creature in existence, the first of which would become his permanent totem, which was the dragon. His abilities also gave him nearly unlimited strength, speed, and physical prowess matched by only Arthur himself. Using his flames of blood, he could meld that flame into an army of draconic creatures, and warriors to direct into battle. Even if they fell, Gawain could simply recreate them on the fly as long as he had the energy. Thanks to Merlin, Morgana, and Gaius, Gawain took quite well to the current time’s party scene and when not busy with his duties to Avalon could be found partying or performing in one of Merlin’s many clubs.

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