Marik Vahromov


The Vahromovs had been known as one of the biggest weapon suppliers in the foot hills of Novosibirsk Oblast using the multi bordered area to their advantage in spreading their business. They grew and grew until they finally came into full prominence during the Cold War, and though things didn’t go so well for Mother Russia, the Vahromov family had opened many doors for themselves. When the hostilities finally died down, Yuriy Vahromov, the youngest of four children sought to build a dynasty that would reach past even the Russian Mafia, though the ties of his power would be firmly set in that world. With the help of his sons, and nephews, Yuriy stretched his power and connections far and wide. His two most promising assets were his son Yuri, and his nephew Marik. Both had taken to weapons and combat training from the time they were but children to their early teens. However, Yuriy had made many enemies, and they came calling.

Yuriy’s operation began to be systematically dismantled, both politically and physically. Deals were sabotaged, agents were killed, weapon cache’s raided, and soon his own family began to be killed one by one. When his son Yuri was killed, Yuriy did what he could to save the rest of his family, sending his sister Alyma and her son Marik away before Yuriy disappeared without a trace. With her brother’s operation in ruins, Alyma tried to start over with her son, wanting to raise him away from the dark world her brother had introduced him to. However, Marik was long lost to her, sucked into that shadowy completely, even at such a young age. Despite Alyma’s protests, Marik continued to operate within the world his uncle had raised him into.

Many took note of Marik’s immense talents and potential, but it was Systema, a former Spetnaz military unit who trained potential underworld soldiers for groups such as the Russian Mob, corrupt government groups, and even foreign organizations, who took Marik under their wing. By the time he was fifteen, Marik had already streaked through Systema’s ranks and had become a trainer, while at the same time working his way up in the Russian Mob, secretly searching for the ones who had betrayed his uncle and killed his family. One day while out with his boys, celebrating a job completion for one of the local Mob Bosses, Marik walked in on one of the Mobster’s men trying to have his way with a five year old girl, a girl who would change Marik’s life forever.

Marik killed the man who had been trying to molest the girl, but what he saw next was what burned that night into his memory. The girl didn’t cry, she didn’t even seem scared. She stared Marik down, looked to the man who had tried to hurt her and kicked him. It was then and there that Marik knew this girl was special, as special as he had been. Marik took her away that night, her mother having the grace to agree that the girl, named Karina, would be no good staying with her. Marik took Karina to live with his mother Alyma who raised Karina as her own, away from the world of darkness she had tried to take her son away from. As the years went by Marik continued to train fighters and soldiers for Systema while working his way up in the Russian underworld, using the power and connections he gained to continue looking for those who had wronged his uncle.

The closer he got to the truth, though, the more he realized that there was more going on than he could ever imagine. In the end, it wasn’t his underworld ties that gave him his first answers, but his military connections through Systema. It hadn’t been the mafia who had taken down his Uncle’s organization, but some shadow group known only as ‘The Project’. In his bid for power, his uncle had come too close to whatever it was The Project was doing and had paid the price. It seemed that Marik was about to cross that same line, and he didn’t care.

When Karina was old enough, despite his mother’s vehement protests, Marik took her to Systema where she began her training. Marik knew the potential she held matched, and perhaps even surpassed his own. Even though part of him wanted to continue letting her grow up as a normal girl, he couldn’t ignore that potential. On top of that, he knew that pursuing The Project could very well see him end up like his uncle, and he wanted Karina to succeed him in Systema. As time went by, Karina’s training continued, and though she was defiant, she was every bit as gifted as he expected. She was brilliant, and powerful, mastering techniques after only seeing or reading them once, she excelled far faster than the rest, and knew that he had been right about Karina all along.

One day while Marik, his mother, and Karina were out celebrating Karina’s high school graduation they were attacked by unknown assailants who shot up the restaurant they had chosen to have dinner at. Marik tried to recognize who it was as he chased after them, but he had no idea who had been behind the attack, and that told him exactly who was behind it. Turning back he found that his mother had been killed, and for the first time in his life Marik cried. Karina and Marik buried his mother, and though Marik vowed revenge, he knew that it would probably be the end of him. The ones who had killed his mother could only be representatives of The Project, and her death had been a warning to him to back off.

For the next few years, Marik saw to Karina’s training personally. He needed her to be ready to succeed him, and though they did not bond as normal people would, he couldn’t help but feel a deep connection between them. At first he thought it was the death of Alyma that connected them, but the more he felt it, the more he realized that it had always been there in some form. After one particularly nasty training session which saw Karina lose her temper enough to attack even him, he took her away from the others. What he’d seen that day told him she was ready, and that realization unleashed something in him he had been holding back for far too long.

As it turned out, she’d been holding back much the same. That day they became more than girl and savior, student and teacher, charge, and guardian. They became one. Marik knew love for the first time in his life and relished in it. For a while he forgot about The Project and what they’d done to his uncle. He focused on moving up in the Russian underworld so he could forge a place for Karina. If his mission was going to take him from this world, he wanted to carve out a piece of it to leave her with. Eventually he began to take her with him on missions, introducing her to the families, in particular the family headed by Julian Nevsky.

Marik despised Nevsky, as he’d been the one to claim his Uncle’s territory after everything that happened, but he knew that using Julian was his best way to get what he wanted. He also saw the way he looked at Karina, but he knew that she could take care of herself, and that nothing could break the bond they had. It wasn’t long that Julian’s lust for Karina got to the point that Marik heard whispers that Julian was putting out a secret hit on Marik to get rid of him. Marik had counter measures in place however something happened that he had never expected.

On the day that Julian’s hitmen came for him, Marik had been ready for them, but he hadn’t been ready to see his uncle. It had only been for a moment, but there was no mistaking that the man walking across the street from him was his uncle Yuriy. He was so surprised that he had completely lost focus and was shot down by Julian Nevsky’s men. He saw Karina run out of the house towards him, though he couldn’t warn her off, his lungs filling with blood. His vision had already blurred when she reached him, and everything went black.

Had death taken him? Marik would never truly know if he’d simply been at death’s door, or if he’d truly crossed it’s threshold. All he knew was that when next he opened his eyes, as his vision slowly cleared he was strapped to a table looking up at the face of his uncle. He’d been confused, of course, but his uncle filled him in. His uncle had indeed stumbled across the organization known as The Project all those years ago, and they had indeed put an end to Yuriy’s own plans, but they’d had help from Yuriy himself. The Project was a group of powerful men, and companies who had been around for centuries, using their wealth and power to uncover the world’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Sometime in the early 1900’s they’d happened across supernatural fonts of power in the form of ancient sealed texts and grimoirs and began to experiment with them. After many failures they finally managed to create seven weapons of supernatural power using human children who they used the ancient texts to bond with demons. They let the children grow up, and then took them in again as adults and unsealed the demons from within them, creating their own seven deadly sins. However something went wrong and some of them escaped. They were able to capture or kill all but one, who had somehow continued to evade them.

When Yuriy stumbled upon The Project, they were looking for human specimens who were capable of being bonded to the demons they had been able to retrieve from the first group of seven. Yuriy had traded his own son Yuri to the organization for wealth and power, though Yuri had been a failed experiment. Desperate, Yuriy told them of his nephew Marik who had far more potential than Yuri. It had been his uncle who had pulled his body out of the burning house he had once shared with Karina and brought him to The Project.

And so The Project experimented on Marik, torturing and changing his body, readying it to become a vessel for one of their demons. The entire time the only two things he had to hold on to were his hate for his uncle, and his love for Karina. In the end, it was his love for Karina that allowed him to hang on, even as he was bonded with The Project’s demon and became their new Wrath. His transition hadn’t been as smooth as the former Wrath, who had been bonded with the demon for most of his life, but it was more complete, more controlled thanks to Marik’s will.

Marik found himself trapped inside his own body as the demon took over, doing the bidding of The Project. It wasn’t too different from what he’d done all his life. Targets were set, and Wrath killed them, but they weren’t just targets of opportunity, or targets that Marik felt deserved it. He was forced to murder innocents, rape women, torture and kill children. Even though he couldn’t control himself, he felt everything Wrath did, every drop of blood, every shredded limb, ever scream, every gruesome detail burned into his mind’s eye forever. The only thing that kept him sane within his mental prison were thoughts of Karina, and a hope to one day see her again.

That hope bore fruit in the form of an attack on one of The Project’s main facilities in Jerusalem. Marik and Sloth had been stored there for check ups when everything went to hell. Marik felt Wrath awaken and go after the one who was the cause of the attack, but before he could do anything, the assailant took Wrath down and burned a mark into his chest. Marik could feel the pain, but not as much as Wrath had. He could hear the demon’s screams, feel it’s pain rip through his very soul. But then Wrath was gone, or at least he was quiet. Marik could still feel him inside, feel his power bonded to his body, but Marik was once again in complete control of his body.

Marik escaped the facility along with Sloth and their savior, leaving it destroyed in their wake. When they had a chance, their savoir introduced himself as James Dashel, Greed of the original Seven and the only one to have escaped back in the 1920’s. He’d spent all these years searching for ways to free others like himself and put a stop to The Project. He’d found a way to seal the demons, giving the bodies back to their original owners. Thankful, Marik promised James that one day, when he needed him, he would come to his aid.

The three of them parted ways, going into hiding until things died down. Marik, however, surfaced long enough to find and kill his uncle, avenging his mother, and the rest of their family who had died because of his greed. After recovering as much as he could, Marik returned to Russia, only to find that Karina had avenged his death and fled Russia. Vowing to find her, and be with her again, Marik set out find the path that would lead him to his love again. After many missions, hunts, and battles, Marik came across another man who had been bonded with a sin demon, who called himself Pride. Pride had also been found by Jimmy The Hand, and delivered from his demon, however he found out that those that Jimmy could save weren’t just simple sin demons. They were the dormant forms of the elements of sin themselves. When bonded, they acted much like normal demons would, giving the host body advanced abilities and powers. Sin Elementals, however gained their power from the very concept of the sin they represented. They drew energy from the very existence of that sin, anywhere, at anytime, though a Sin Elemental gained more power when said sin was being practiced in their direct vicinity. Marik’s hunts had become increasingly more dangerous, yet he had become stronger and stronger along with that heightening danger.

Pride told Marik that this was because the demon inside of him was awakening into the sin elemental it represented, that it had always been a dormant form of the wrath elemental. With this new found knowledge, Marik was able to dictate the growth of his power, learning to recognize what it is he could do, and what would push certain abilities further along their path of development. After a while, he found himself invited to an Island under the control of Jimmy The Hand, and his comrades, an island that housed a great, and vast placed named Underworld City. A place that would be Marik’s new home.

Who Am I...

Wrath, Number Five, Evolutionary King of Underworld City.

Romantic Interests


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My Story Is...

Underworld Chronicles: A Clockwork Red

Powers And Abilities:

Elemental – Being a Sin Elemental of Wrath, Marik can draw power and energy from any form of anger, though anger fueled by retribution and revenge offer him the most. He can use this energy to augment his physical, mental, spiritual, and magical abilities.

Reverse Empathy – Marik can instill different types of anger in people or beings around him. The more that person or being are suspect to a type of anger, the easier it is for Marik to instill and control it.

Sin Forge – This is a process that Marik’s physical, mental, and spiritual attributes undergoes in order to expand the capacity of power that he can absorb, hold, control, and use. Whenever the levels of wrath he’s taken into his body reaches a certain threshold, his body undergoes a re-forging, a kind of baptism that allows his being to be able to take in, and use more power, effectively leveling him up whenever he reaches a certain limit.

Evolutionary Resurrection – Each of the Sin Elementals has some kind of Evolutionary ability. Marik, as the Wrath Elemental, possesses the ability of Evolutionary Resurrection. Though it is near impossible to destroy, or even fully trap the eternal essence of a sin elemental, it is possible to destroy their physical forms. Each time Marik resurrects from a physical, mental, or spiritual death, he grows stronger against that particular type of death, to the point that he becomes nigh immune to it. This ability gained Marik the nickname of “The Evolutionary King” among the denizens of Underworld City.

General Abilities:
Photographic Memory, Photographic Reflexes, Total Recollection. Heightened physical, mental, and spiritual abilities as well as physical, mental, and spiritual constitution.

Magical Abilities:

Material Fission – Marik’s particular magical ability is the power to create chain reactions between matter and energy on a subatomic level. This allows Marik to use almost any kind of matter, and/or energy to create explosions with a wide spectrum of physical reactions, allowing him to blow off a pinky finger, or blow up a city.

Divine Wrath – Though born of a demon, the Wrath Elemental that Marik has become is a chaotic force that also allows him to wield divine force of wrath and retribution. This force usually presents itself as the power of light, giving him an almost angelic form and presence that often times confuses his enemies, but the light is powerful enough that when push comes to shove, Marik is able to stand toe to toe with even higher beings, though he much prefers to be a soldier on the ground, and being a ‘beat stick’.

I Believe...

In Myself