Who Am I...

I am a Succubus, what else do you need to know?

Romantic Interests

None of your concern

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

The life of a Succubus is rarely good, or worth reading about without being horrified. Know that I am old, but playful. I enjoy laughing and smiling. But I also love blood. My past is told to few and I would prefer to keep it that way.

My Appearance

My hair falls in golden sunshine waves to the middle of my back, I stand at approximately 5’3, weighing roughly 135 pounds. My features are delicate, with good cheekbones and beautiful blue eye’s. My eye’s have a genetic defect, that make the blue swirl around the eye’s in a slow hypnotic manner, they glow when my temper is high or my power.




My Secrets Are...

mine to know, and yours to figure out if you are lucky enough.

I Believe...

in myself