Romantic Interests

Don’t waste your time.

My Story Is...

My family was taking a cruise and my dumbass got on the wrong boat. So I accidentally illegally immigrated to Pinyon Province.

My Appearance

I have short, caramel colored brown hair. I haven’t brushed it in awhile.

I have a white plastic mask with a smiley face I scribbled on with some charcoal.

I have pretty tanned skin, my face and shoulders are littered with freckles and my eyes are blue. I’m blind in my left eye because some motherfucker decided to mug me and it didn’t go too great.

I’m pretty short – 5’5 (about 1,65 cm)

I’m pretty skinny too. Because, y’know, poverty.

I have burn scars all over my forearms and hands.


A small hiking backpack that contains:

– Three boxes of matches

– Two zippo lighters

– Two BIC lighters

– Four changes of clothes

– A half empty bottle of shampoo

– A bar of soap

– A rope

– A toothbrush

– A reusable bottle of water

My Secrets Are...

I’m a pyromaniac.

I Believe...

You aren't entitled to your opinion, you're entitled to what you can stand for.