Baejòrn Thicket

Who Am I...

Baejòrn Spirit Thicket; Spirit Speaker and Mage of the North

Romantic Interests

Anyone as Long as They are his Type

Relationship Status

Taken "I love you Viv.." -Baejórn

My Story Is...

Baejòrn Spirit Thicket was born on Hellifyno in the North. On a island of ice, snow, evergreens and etc. His father, Camedyn J. Thicket, was the chief huntsman. His mother, Evergreen S. Thicket, was the village mage. His father was a stern, strict and stubborn man due to his hunting lifestyle. But was a kind man who loved and valued life. His mother; short-tempered, stubborn and oblivious while also kind as can be, smart and pure. They came together due to an arraignment. Fell in love. And gave birth to Baejòrn only a few months into their marriage. Baejòrn was thought to be the next great huntsman, but ended up with his mother’s abilities. And more..


He lives a normal-ish life. Having to fend for his family and self, learning how to hunt and learning how to control his magic. At age sixteen he had grown to be one of the more handsome men in the village. One day, only a few days after his sweet sixteen, discovered that he had a ability to speak with long deceased spirits whom chose to linger. And never move on, or just haven’t moved on yet. He gave those still grieved with a loved ones death, closure. Both the living and the dead able to move on and be happier. But word of this ability of his spread and spread..Soon some bounty hunters came. Trying to kidnap Baejòrn to sell him off to the highest bidder. Causing a small war.


The bounty hunters just kept coming though. And soon eventually won. They captured Barjòrns family and best friend. Promising to release them if he went with them willingly. Which of course, the young mage did. They took him into their water craft, shackled him, beat him into better submission..Then when they reached land once more, they went to a slave auction. An auction for special beings. Ones with desirable powers. And Baejòrn was sold. Though thankfully to a good master..Now he just follows his master around Hellifyno. Occasionally getting to go home and to see his family


My Appearance

Purest of Snow White Hair (Style Seen in Prof. Pic)


Black-Cyan Hues


His Skin is of a Creamy Tan


A Scar that Reaches from his Nose to the Back and Left Side of his Jaw


Muscular Build