Who Am I...

I am Pebble, a very short tsundere borrower

Romantic Interests

I am attracted to both male and female genders, I still am unsure on my feelings on romance though.

My Story Is...

I am a borrower, a small person that lives beneth the floors and inside the walls of peoples homes, we only take what we need to survive, however, When I was ten I left my home to learn more about the world, however I didn’t know that I would get caught continuously by people and used as a pet and other things, I escape every time though and am now living on the streets, continuously having to fight off rats.

My Appearance

I am short with very dark mahogany colored hair, I am a little skinnier than what is healthy. I wear a dress made from a scrap of fabric I’ve found and small boots meant for a Polly Pocket doll. I usually have a makeshift backpack on me along with a needle to be used as a sword.


-Scraps of food
-Grappling hook (fish hook attached to string)

My Secrets Are...

That my family actually left me on the streets because I had gotten them caught.

I Believe...

That peace between Borrowers and people will someday come to be.