Balthazar Silvermoon


Who Am I...

Balthazar Nero Silvermoon also known as Syvastienaos

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Balthazar Phoenix Syvastienaos Silvermoon

He is a hybrid of a human shapeshifter mother named Silverwolf Cross and his father was a demon that a name has escaped him but these were his adoptive parents as he never knew his real parents. He was known as Nero during that time but during his years of demon hunting, he suffered a nasty hit that sent him off a tower which he survived but had lost his memory. Growing up was hard for the male he was picked on and bullied as a child in the order of the sword so when someone tries to demoralize him he lets out a colder more sadistic side. But he has his charming ways if you treat him nicely.  Backstab him and he won’t think twice about putting a bullet in your skull.

His past he was married to Amy Enomoto, but their relationship ended on a bad note, Then was married to Alexa D’exus but the soon fell apart after myspace chats shut down.


Face claim Nero from the Devil May Cry games.

My Appearance

He is 7’9″ tall and athletically built.


His wolf form


Demon form


A fire revving massive sword called Red Queen

A double-barrelled smith&weston called Blue Rose

A black steel broad sword called Dragon’s Breath. He summons this from the devilbringer. ( A sword that the writer’s rp daughter gave to him before she died in rl.)

My Secrets Are...

I really hate demon’s even though my father was one.