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EARLY YEARS – Born in the city of Sweetwater, Texas to a couple who had regretted getting married almost immediately. This would cause them to be miserable nearly every day of their time together. It would end up weighing heavily upon their son Victor (Vic) and cause him to suffer from depression in his later years.


He’d end up being an only child because of his mother and father not being able to stand the sight of each other. His mother worked hard at the local diner while his father worked on the local police department. The man’s love of guns would rub off on his son at a very early age, determined that he would learn how to use them one day. When his dad found the time, he would do just that and show Vic how to safely handle a weapon. He’d even take him out on hunting trips when he was old enough, and his son would prove to be very good at it. So much so that it impressed his father.


While Vic grew close to his dad, his mother was a different story. It seemed that both were cheating on the other. When it was discovered, the divorce was swift and left Vic to be raised by his mother. Unsettled as he was by this, given that his mom was abusive, Vic was upset that he could not be with the parent that acted like they cared more about him. So, he was left to endure his mother’s wrath.


She had no problem with slapping Vic around when she was in his company, yet often abandoning him to spend time with others. A few times he attempted to run off, but it always ended up with him being caught and then punished by his mother. Her lovers were just as mean, if not more so. And, none of them could stand him. One time, he even tried to commit a crime just so he could be put behind bars in order to be around his father more. Needless to say, this didn’t work.


When he forced himself to focus on school, he did well enough. He managed to graduate and soon joined the Marines. It was his ticket out of Sweetwater and away from his horrible mother. After two years, he left the Marines and settled in Marfa, Texas. Far smaller than Sweetwater, but Vic didn’t mind that at all. It suited him.

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NEW TOWN – He got a few jobs here and there through the years, but ended up settling on purchasing a rundown bar. He’d be owner, as well as bartender. Being around the booze would lead to him drinking a lot of the profit since not many customers ever came in. But, he got to know a lot of the locals and was certainly well enough respected.


In his mid-30’s, he met a young woman who ended up catching his eye. He fell for her nearly as hard as she had fallen for him. However, as bad as his luck was, their relationship and what was to come would not last very long. A whirlwind romance and they were married shortly after they’d met. A lot of good times was put into that first year, but it was not to be. Her health got very bad very quick and she was soon diagnosed with cancer. The news devastated Vic, and he turned to the bottle even more to attempt coping with it. The heavy drinking led to arguments in his marriage, and had her split from him before she became severely ill.


As she lay in the hospital, Vic forced himself to push his ego aside and go see her. They reconciled, but she passed away a short time after. From that moment on, he vowed he’d never fall in love with another. Of course, time heals all wounds, right? There could be a chance when love’ll find him again.

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NOWADAYS – Nowadays, Vic is an old man who has a nasty disposition toward life and most who inhabit the planet. He’s grouchy and doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut, especially when he’s been drinking. The bar continues to see some business, but Marfa is still a very small town. Those who visit the bar are either out-of-towners or dedicated locals who’ve been coming in regularly for years.


At the end of Summer, more pour into the city during the Marfa Lights Festival, and Vic thinks the entire deal’s nuts. While he didn’t believe in aliens, he still welcomed them in to his bar with the hopes he’ll make more money.

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TROUBLE WITH THE SUPERNATURAL – He’s not a skeptic anymore. Aliens or something, which is yet to be determined, broke into his bar one evening and raised hell. They tore up the place and even killed several of the patrons that were inside. They went just as quickly as they’d came, doing a lot of damage to that small Texas town. A few have tried to tell others who aren’t from the area, about what had happened, but they’re laughed at or ignored. The rest of those who survived keep their lips shut, like Vic. If someone were to bring it up, he’d discuss it just a little. For him to spill his guts on that matter, you’ll have to come around the bar when he’s had a few to drink.


There’s always a chance that they will return, and he tries to be ready for it. He always keeps plenty of weapons and other items stocked in the bar for use whenever there’s trouble. Above the bar is his home, so he never has far to go to protect his business. Now, when those come to see the Marfa lights, he always gives those who enter his bar a warning to not stick around for too long. There’s just no telling what’s lurking out there to get you.

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Vic as a younger man. But, that was decades ago. Now, he looks like this:

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Height – 5′ 11″

Weight – 178 lbs

Eye Color – Blue

Hair Color – White (Was Once Brown)

Piercings – Left Ear (Earring)

Scars – A few here and there, but nothing that is too noticeable.

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Full Name – Victor Chetan Wheeler

Nicknames – Vic, Old Man, Chet, Bartender, Cowboy

Ethnicity – American Indian, Danish

Handedness – Right Handed

Age – Early 70’s

Bad Habits – Drinking, Cursing, Smoking (Prefers Cigars)

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Son – Alex Wheeler


Cowboy Hat, Earring, Boots, Gun, Ammo, Knife

My Secrets Are...

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I Believe...

I'm not a religious man, but there's an apocalypse coming. And, I'm ready for it. I've got plenty of guns and ammo to take out every one of those God damned things!



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