Who Am I...

Bernulf Steele

Romantic Interests

Female but can maybe go the other way

My Story Is...

Bernulf was a orphan found by a nice loving couple after his barbarian tribe had been slaughtered. His foster parents taught bernulf to be a hard-working and respectful man. At the age of 14 he started helping his father around the forge since his father was a blacksmith, this is where he gets his last name Steele from. At the age of eighteen he left his home to find himself and start his own business. Now his 25 and neither as found himself nor found a stable place to start a business.

My Appearance
  1. Bernulf stands at a hulking 6’5. He has dark brown hair with green eyes. He has a muscular body from working at the forge all day and a lot of burns and scares on his arms. Wears a white tunic with brown pants and black boots. Usually has leather vambraces on and always has his short sword and bow by his side.

White tunic. Brown pants. Black boots. Leather vambraces. Short sword. Bow. 25 arrows. Quiver. Backpack. Blacksmithing tools.

My Secrets Are...

Not for you to know.

I Believe...

In omnism