My Story Is...

Wadalon was a small, consisting of only a single city and a few surrounding villages, isolated kingdom in the Northern mountain rages that was completely surrounded by mountains except by a single pass to the south. It grew wealthy by having sole access to the richest of the mountains ores and minerals and over time many wished to claim the empire and the wealth for themselves so the single path was heavily fortified and  a the native tribe who co-existed with the dragons native to the mountain ranges.


For a hundred years the pass held against all who dared march against us, but when the old king passed away his paranoid son took over the thrown. He feared the Dragon Riders thinking we would claim the thrown for ourselves. In the midst of a fierce battle against an invading force the king waited until the enemy was all but defeated and ordered his own troops against us as well. Weary from a long battle and not expecting the attack our numbers were decimated and I only know of a handful who managed to survive by fleeing into the mountains.

In the years since our kingdom was taken by an opposing army and the king hung, but those slain on that day will never be forgotten as we travel the land searching for others to join their ranks and eventually retake their home.



My Appearance


Bayon is a man in he late twenties with blond/brown hair cut short. The processes of pairing with a dragon causes physical changes that grow more and more pronounced as time progresses. Already his eyes are lizard like and he has scales in places on his back. Some of the elders he knew before the betrayal had horns growing out the top of his head and most of their skin was replaces with scales.