Bellatrix Murillo

Who Am I...

Bellatrix is the daughter of two brilliant parents. She grew up with a lot of money, and it made her a bit conceited.

Romantic Interests

Bella is heterosexual

Relationship Status

Bella is married to Lamonte Murillo

My Story Is...

Quite simple really. Bellatrix is very smart, very pretty, and very rich. Shes usually alone, because she doesnt like people. Shes snooty, and is easily pissed off due to her parents rude behavior. When Bella was younger, her father was very abusive. Both mentally, physically, and sexually. Her mother was never home seeing as she was always cheating on her father, and because of this, Bella is much more reserved than most. And she doesnt care if she hurts your feelings or anyone elses as long as she is protecting her heart and mental health.

My Appearance

She has colorful hair, fair skin, long legs, bluish purple eyes, shes kinda short, standing at only four foot nine and always has her nails done in a prestigious manicure.