Belle Rose ||GSE- Primus of The Sunburners||

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I am a Demon, Pixie, and a Werewolf. My parents names are Shana and Alex Iaston. Since my kingdom was under attack I was raised by my nurse; Cordiella. My siblings are Jack Iaston and Stella Rose. My God-Daughter is Victoria Cindel-Skymoon-Coldstone and Tina Sprout.  My best friend(s) is Fyzemguard and Bella Coldstone. Right now I am living in a cottage in fairy kingdom. I am a princess of FairyKingdom.

Who Am I...

I am a princess pixie. Even tho I am a princess, it doesnt mean I can be feared. I know to fight. Don't get on my bad side.

Romantic Interests


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My Story Is...

Chapter 1 [Birth & Orgins]

I was born to royalty.

I was raised to work all of my life by the nurse who became my guardian cause my Biogical Parents didn’t want me to know I was Royalty. Plus it would cause me death.

Chapter 2 [The Vampire Bestie]

Even I was 14 years old I started to work as a maid because I developed a good relationship with Bella Skymoon-Coldstone and her family, who I nowadays with but besides that she was a sweetheart who loved be my “little princess” which is also Tina Sprout

Chapter 3 [Training]

Right now the haunter has been training me how to fight. I am done being that priss that everyone can walk all over. I’ll be nice to those who truly care about me.

I have learned that my demon powers help me move stuff. I almost even killed my brother when we got into the fight. We were yelling and my powers started to pick up knives. So I warn you now I am still learning about my powers.

My Trainer also goes by the name of Arcturus Fowl who is married to one of Bella’s Cousins

Chapter 4 [God-Mother Granting]

10 years before the next Century on Bella’s Lineage Homeworld, during the Jasmine’s Orgins War (Skymoon V.S Voilette) I was granted the role of God-Mother to young Ms. Tina Sprout and Baby Victoria Cindel-Skymoon-Coldstone.

My Appearance


Shana Iaston [Mother]

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Alex Iaston [Father]

Handsome Anime/Game Guys whit White/Silver Hair

Cordiella [Guardian]

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Jake Iaston [Brother]

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Stella Rose [Sister]

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Tina Sprout [God Daughter]

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Victoria Cindel-Skymoon-Coldstone [God-Daughter]



[Causal Dress]

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[Armor Dress]

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[Fancy Dress]

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[Demon form]

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  1. Backpack
  2. Weaponry Belt Case (Gift From Bella)
  3. House Keys (To My Cottage & Bella’s)
  4. Legal Documents to Tina and Victoria (Bella’s Daughter’s)
  5. Cell Phone (Doesn’t Function on Bella’s World)


My Secrets Are...

Wouldn’t you like to know?

I Believe...

That friends are true if they are loyal and honest to you



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