Belle Rose ||GSE- Primus of The Sunburners||

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Who Am I...

I am a Demon Werewolf hybrid.

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My Story Is...

Hello, my name is BellaRose Iaston. I am a hybrid of Demon and a Werewolf. My parents names are Shana and Alex Iaston. As a child I was raised by my nurse. I know very little for what happened. I didn’t even know until I was 16. I was taken away as a baby because Night Walkers pack. 

As a child my mum aka my nurse had a daughter who raised to be my sister. Her name is Stella. She is a young witch in training. I true love love my sister, even if she isn’t my blood sister. I did find out I do have a blood sibling. Well, actually a twin brother. His given name is Jack. He is a werewolf demon hybrid like me. 

Before I found out about my by blood family, I use to hang around Coldstone’s house quite often. I became very good friends with Bella van Belle. Today, I live really close to her. When Bella became pregnant I became a Honorary Mother to her two beautiful girls  Victoria Cindel-Skymoon- Van Belle and Tina Sprout.  

My Appearance


Shana Iaston [Mother Hell’s Princess]

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Alex Iaston [Father; Alpha male of Moon Stone pack]

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Cordiella [Guardian]

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Jake Iaston [Brother]

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Stella Rose [Sister]

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Tina Sprout [God Daughter]

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Victoria Cindel-Skymoon-Coldstone [Honorary Daughter]


  1. Backpack
  2. Weaponry Belt Case (Gift From Bella)
  3. House Keys (To my house & Bella’s)
  4. Cell Phone


My Secrets Are...

Wouldn’t you like to know?

I Believe...

That friends are true if they are loyal and honest to you



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