ben aka Dark Angel

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My name is Ben Gable, and i am the most powerful man alive. When i was young i used the supernatural to do my work, but later i became the supernatural, i used to live in the flying pug of hellyfino, but, when a freak accident happened and it crashed, a spell was casted on me giving me a rebirth as a meta human. To the outside world i’m just an ordinary allie of the guild, but secretly with the help of my friends, i protect people and find other meta-humans like me, i am the dark angel

Who Am I...

a meta-human

Romantic Interests

Someone I can trust

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Ben Gable, became Angel of death after an accident

My Appearance

Blonde, white skin, leather jacket, fingerless gloves, black jeans, black boots, dark green shirt, black boots, small fangs, small claws, size 5″5, normal eyes, red irises, pointed ears, a small sheath attached to my belt for my dagger


Telekinesis, dagger, pyrokinesis, flight, Zalgo transformation, spell book

My Secrets Are...

I’m not telling you a damn thing about my secrets

I Believe...

Not everything is what they appear



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