Welcome! I am BetaBee, I have been at rolepages for around 2 months, I am a casual roleplayer but will take it seriously if needed, I have multiple characters and I do not change my User name, Hope to see you in the chat!

Who Am I...

Link,Dr. Grant Norman,James Roland, and Raakar,plus anyone I feel like.

Romantic Interests

None (One's love died and the others don't have anyone)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...


Link’s story is one of sorrow and loss, he grew up like most normal hylians, his father a knight, his mother was a farmer, link was an only child, he grew up in hyrule castle town, his childhood was normal until… At the age of 7 his father tragically died fighting orks… Link had been very attached to his father, at the age of 16 Link decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a knight… After 2 years of training his life changed once more… He and his platoon was stationed at a small town near the lost woods, the locals told stories of a legendary sword hidden in the woods… And like most cocky young people he and a group of friends went to find it… Everyone else got lost and had to turn back, but Link, he found it… Once the King heard news of this young soilder who found the legendary blade, he gave Link a great honor… To become his daughter ‘s own personal knight, her bodyguard more or less… In the beginning she despised having a complete stranger follow her around, that was until one night… She had gone to bed for the night, and Link stood watch outside her door, he heard a noise, he went into her room and saw a assassin about to cut her throat, he acted quickly and killed the assassin… She never thought of him the same again… They became quick friends and soon became more… But alas… Fate is a cruel mistress… A great calamity came that wiped hyrule off the map… Link, ready to take his last breath defending the one he loved looked on, to weak to stand, as his love sacrificed herself for him… Link… The last hylian… Had to bury every one of his people… He never would forgive himself… He swore that as long as he lived… He would do good… Not for money, or glory… But for everyone he failed to save…


Dr.Grant Norman

Grant Norman had a normal childhood, well as normal as Hellfinyo can be. In his teens he studied science, engineering and biology, he worked here and there just to support himself, he never did find a calling until recently… He heard about the “Incident ” on Outpost Lucifer he new that he had to do something… So he called a favor from an old friend he used to work for, used his friend’s ship as a makeshift lab and started work on Project:Guardian…


James Roland

James… He is a survivor, he never new his mother or his father. His Grandfather was the only one who took care of him… He died when James was 12, He had to live on the street until he joined a security force at 16, he worked there for 4 years, his squad was his family, his post was his home, he was there at outpost Lucifer… He was the only one who survived in his squad… He escaped aboard the Silver Spruce… Where he met Dr.Grant…



Raakar… Is a Wookie, he lived on Kashyyyk until he was 212, he fought with the clones in the battle of Kashyyyk… He was there when the clones turned… He was there when his people were enslaved… He, with four other wookies escaped… He has been captaining the Hammerhead Corvette Silver Spruce for 10 years… He has never forgave… And he has never forgot…



My Appearance


Link is about 5.2 ft tall, has pointed ears, blonde hair and blue eyes, his hair is pulled back into a pony tail, he wears a Blue Tunic with a dark blue cloak, and ran trousers with brown boots.

Dr.Grant Norman

Dr.Grant is about 6.2 ft tall with fluffy hair and beard both have hints of grey, He has blue eyes, Grant changes clothes a lot but can commonly be found in a lab coat.

James Roland

James is around 6.4 With black hair and no beard, his eyes are blue, he is a well built man and has decent muscles from years of work, James also has a few scars on his arm and torso.


Raakar is 8ft tall with thick brown hair and brown eyes, he has a few scars on his snout and others hidden beneath his fur… He looks intimidating.



Link has the Master sword and a bow with arrows… Not much… But enough.



Dr.Grant is usually unarmed, he uses his mind as a weapon.


James Roland

James is currently unarmed at the moment but usually carries a assault rifle and Pistol.



This is a Wookie with weapons! He has a scatter gun, bowcaster, Wookie rifle, large vibro axe and tons of explosives.

My Secrets Are...

You’ll have to find out…

I Believe...

That role play is an escape from reality.