Who Am I...

James Roland

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was a normal person, simply trying to survive, I had a hobby of exploring caves and mountains, One day a cave floor have out and I fell to what I thought would be my death… I fell into a ancient temple, and my soul was bonded with a spirit known as the green dragon, giving me extreme speed, agility, and durability…

My Appearance

I am about 6.2 175 pounds. I were a cloak and tunic both pure black. (Think of an assassin’s creed assassin)


I have  a Katana,bow,and 2 daggers. And small bag of gold.

My Secrets Are...

Unknown to even me the Dragon did more then enhance my abilities, it gave me the ability to use chi… All that has to be done in for it to awaken…

I Believe...

That I should use my abilities to help, not hurt.