The Guardians


Well hello there! Take a seat! Share a story! I got plenty of time, and I have a few stories to tell if your here to listen! Sit back, relax, leave your worries behind!

Who Am I...

A Messenger, a Warrior, a Servant to a higher power, a Elder Child, a Guardian… But most would call me an Angel!

Romantic Interests

Females (Although, be warned, It'll take a lot to get him to get into a relationship, while Angels being forbidden to have relationships with mortals thing…)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Byron’s story

Oh? You wanna hear my story? Um, sure! Alright, let’s get something straight, I look young, Look is the key word, In truth, I’m over 16 billion years old! Mmhmm… I’m ancient I was around when the creator was creating! So don’t try to tell me otherwise, I’m usually pretty chill, kind, loyal beyond belief, but, I do expect loyalty back, Alright, where was I? Ah, yes! So, I was created with All the other Angels, we lived In peace and Harmony, until one day… When Lucifer, curse his name, betrayed us and made about half of us betray the Lord… The war was bad… Nothing had, nor ever will, be seen like it again… Angels are powerful beings, whatever form I take, which can be anything by the way, is just that, a form, I simply choose what body fits the situation, go ahead, kill that body, It’ll disappear and I’ll be back in a few seconds or minutes, I am a spirit, and a damm powerful one at that, is Angels, ones that left peacefully, or fallen siblings… Have been worshiped as gods for a long time, but don’t get it wrong, there is only one true God… The only reason I’m on Hellfinyo is this, the Lord gave me a mission, to protect the innocent and kind of this world, from the horrors that exist, and trust me… As light hearted and kind as I am, I am prepared for any threat… Hope you liked my story!


My Appearance


Well, usually I appear wearing a brown cloak that covers my whole body… Who knows, maybe I’ll change my wardrobe, anyway, I usually appear youthful, short and messy Golden hair, Bright blue eyes that are as deep and bright as the ocean, oh, and a fault of me being an Angel, is, well, I usually am quite… Oh Lord… Handsome to say the least, I am thought of as being very attractive, although I don’t mean to be! Really! I choose a form cause I like it! Honest!


To be honest… More or less anything, but one thing that is unique, is a Heaven forged blade, it shines like a star, and can blaze with Holy fire… Deadly to any Demon, Vampire, Evil Spirit, Dark Elf, or Anything of that sort! It’s Made for one purpose, to kill/banish evil beings…. And is damm good at it…

My Secrets Are...

None really, ask, and I’ll say.

I Believe...

That every world needs good people, real, and fake