Date Of Birth: 13/4/?Age: 18

Job: Explorer

Hobbies: Reading, Painting and Photography. Anything Creative Really.

Siblings: Three Older Brothers,Parents: ???Origin: Unknown, But Has A British Accent

Who Am I...

Lorelai Masahiko, Also Known As 'Rory' Or 'Lore' or 'Rory~Masahiko`

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Currently In A Relationship With Blaire <3

My Story Is...

I search for paranormal disturbances and odd scary unique things.Explorer. Recorder Of History? There’s no real name for what Rory does in her world.

Rory’s story is unknown even to herself.

My Appearance

right sea blue eyes (Change to my mood.)Feathery white wings with stained red feather tips.Long thick white-silver hair that stops at my hips and is usually tied up in loose bun.Usually wearing white lace, above thigh, dresses and a big black leather jacket to cover.Always carries tan leather bag or satchel.

Rory has another personality- It’s still Rory Masahiko, just a different face and body. She’s a small, part fennec fox red haired girl. She’s fiery but less than white haired Rory. You could call it a curse of some sort.

She had crazy red hair, that’s so long when she changed form to Fennec, her tail shows the obvious length. Her eyes are a golden {Yellow?} That kind of shine, a lot of the time.

She dresses in black things, to highlight her hair.

{I don’t have much on this character, but i’m working on it. Please bare with what i have :3 }


Tooth Stone Knife-Favorite book All The Bright Places-Blood stone knife-Camera-Wand (Don’t ask why)-Note book-

My Secrets Are...

I don’t share my secrets, what’s the point of a secret if other people know it? 

I Believe...

That people shouldn't be so nosy!