Kyria Wolf

Intro Video


” big sister’s always watching”

Who Am I...

Almost feral female lycanroc/ big sister protector

Romantic Interests

J.. just want to be loved..I don't care about the gender or species..

My Story Is...

Name: Kyria Wolf
Age: Early teens
Weight: 104 lbs
Species: lycanroc
Gender: female
Fur color: red and white
Eye color: blood red
Claw length: 11 inches long
Personality: insane and feral from experimention.
Martial status: single.
Sexuality: lesbian.


Type of Protector: big sister stalker

The Big Sister Stalker is a high-impact unit designed for the silent assault on troubled areas where ordinary troops could not even approach, encountering a sign that something very serious is about to happen

My Appearance

Without suit and before experimention:

After experimention and with suit:

Bioshock Rise- Big Sister Stalker



Big sister syringe
Wrist mounted blade
Titanium claws on gloves
Incinerate 3
Electro Bolt 3
Telekinesis 3
Scrounger 3
Speed boost 3

My Secrets Are...

She’s insane and feral
Cries in constant pain
Very violent to splicers
Wants to die
Misses family