(Still work in progress)

Who Am I...

Bil'Ejih – Billie

My Story Is...

When I was just a little girl, like… Really little, we’re talkin’ about a year, less maybe, I was taken in by a Twi’Lek woman. She was nice, I was told. Then, they came for me. The Jedi. Snatched me away from the closest thing I had to a mother, not that I knew it at the time. It explains the name though, I guess. They took me to that temple of theirs, made me one of their ‘Younglings’. I believed all of it, I knew nothing else. I do appreciate it, kinda, they taught me how to use the force, how to live with it, and how to accept it.

Though, I like to think I’ve moved on now. I can think for myself. I can feel I can really feel. Ever since that day. When the temple was razed, ad I’ve been on the run. Hiding from a galaxy that may want me dead. I think to myself every now and then. Which side would really be worse? Jedi? Or sith?… Then I decide to stay out of it.

Then again. It is easy to fall to darkness.




My Appearance

I am a young woman, barely a padawan at the age of about 16~ish, (its easy to loose count as you hop between systems) with long black hair that’s overdue for a cut. My skin is pale, and my eyes are brown.

I Believe...

That I know little of the ways of the force.