Hannah Salazar Hoolet Comhachag


ish owl

Who Am I...

A wondering owl

Romantic Interests

uhm m-maybe

Relationship Status

No one i hoot alone BUT im sure i will hoot along another owl or something *confident smile with a bit of a blush*

My Story Is...

Leaving the nest a bit early she wants to explore the worlds and the lands she’s fifteen about to be sixteen she seems confident though being home for most of her life and never interacting with people that much she can be nervous, awkward, or just doesn’t know what to say though confident none the less she is capable of simple magics not fire though fire can die in a……. pit of ice or something she also seems to be more of a weapons fanatic and is even more capable artificer and engineer though she doesn’t practice actively just occasionally she is good at it nonetheless even made a another master artificer play themselves making a fool out of them she can make things just needs the material for such she can enchant as well almost as good as her engineering she also learned alchemy on her travels, she learned from her parents her father taught her engineering her mother taught her enchanting they lived in a large house which always moved considering all the mechanical legs it has and that her father made otherwise she is a single child her father used to be a military admiral but now is retired he lost an eye during his time also she is scottish but doesn’t tend to show it unless you got her mad somehow which she will hold a grudge for.

My Appearance

6.1 she hoots in height wanting to move around she left at the age of fifteen and is now about to be sixteen wearing a blue robe/hood of  some kind covering her head and such she seems to be a snow owl or white barn owl breed

owl girl anthro - Google Search | Furry drawing, Creature design, Art


A magic lantern with a few tricks in it and a spatial storage bag multiple of them on a belt around her waist

My Secrets Are...

hootin hoot hoot

I Believe...