Just a normal human. No magic… Right?

Who Am I...

Monika! Just Monika!

Romantic Interests

I already love someone!

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

She’d spent all her life chasing a beautiful someone, but ended up heart broken. She came to Hellifyno to get revenge, but found peace instead. Well, peace for now. She’s.. Odd. Almost like a shadow of living. Someone both dangerous and harmless.

My Appearance

Brown hair in a sleek ponytail, emerald green eyes, pale skin. Soft smiles and twinkling eyes. Clothes of simple kinds, which aren’t always important.


Just a hair tie and a small vial of healing mountain dew. A box of therapeutic chocolate. Because everyone likes running headfirst into walls for some reason. I’m not kidding. 

My Secrets Are...

Well, since your reading this, I’ll take the opportunity to say Hi! You didn’t actually think I’d put my secrets up for you to see?

I Believe...

Even after such heartbreak, I believe in love. Stupid, I know.