Who Am I...

nova, a shadow elemntal and a sprit stepper.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

who cares!!…im single. love is worthless

My Story Is...

nova was born to a planet long lost called Luna. she accidently killed her family when she was 7 and was taken and sent to fight in the military. they had hoped she would parish on the lines but something caused her to not only live to see then last fight but to leave luna with the fleets leaveing for earth. she went to the lab soon after thinking it would be fore the best but insted was trapped in a room with a pack of shadow walkers. beings she was unaware of at the time would take any trace of light magic she had and turn it to shadow magic. she very powerful due to this but she still isn’t her best and she aware. once she left the labs she went to a life away from everyone and would remain there till send to the labs again during the first S.C.P up-rise and purge. she was sent around the universe till she was wanted on enough places she was branded for execution. she got away a last time going to fight a war in hopes off getting pardoned but once again she ran away and now resides on hellifyno.

My Appearance

wolf form: 10 foot tall black dire, silver markings around my eyes and ears, all black eyes  with color flakes if hungry.

furry form: 7 foot black furry with raven wings and extenabol steel claws. normally in a worn leather jacket, black under shirt, jeans and her combat boots.

human form: 6’5 female with long blonde hair and light blue eyes that go black when she uses any abilities. same outfit with 3 sets of dog tags around her neck and a thick bracelet on her right wrist marking her as a legal danger in a few planetary systems. under her jacket and shirt most ofer her upper back aswell as her shoulders and part of the back of her neck is decayed and turned to bone.

luna: luna is a dire wolf roughly 12 feet tall and my inner demon. she is slowly killing me.

shadow form: 8 foot , all black with horns and a staff that can make anyones sight go out.


i am equipped with one golden sword, one normal sword , a pair of black and red katanas, a red and silver reaper scythe, 6 revolers and 2 rifels. all of wtich i can call to me when i feel there need is there. also i own a black viper

My Secrets Are...


fucck off

I Believe...

i believe that everyone is good except the people who fought for good and got nothing.



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