Intro Video

Who Am I...

nova, a us snpier aswell as a shadow walker

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

i was born born to a small family of golden light moon walkers aka guardians of whom i killed all but one when i was 7 out of utter rage. i was taken away and sold away to become a solider and im sure they hoped i would die., i left the train when i was about 13 fleeing to earth and joining a pack of shadow walkers. i spent the rest of my life from there going in and out off hell and learning to use darkness as a friend. i now live alone in the woods. i can be very cut off and shelters from people but i want to make some friends, or at lest meet others like me.

My Appearance

6’5 black wolf furry with silver marks and dull gray eyes that can shift with my mood. and a snake tat colided around my arm


i am equipped with one golden sword, one normal sword , a pair of black and red katanas, a red and silver reaper scythe, 6 revolers and 2 rifels. all of wtich i can call to me when i feel there need is there. also i own a black viper

My Secrets Are...

i regert killing my family
i have a demon whos slowly killing me
i LOVE kittens
i have a human form but she is tempeted to muder all she witnesses

i speak moon latin

I Believe...

i believe that everyone is good except the people who fought for good and got nothing.



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