Do not drink her blood unless she tells you to.

Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

she doesn't know much of anything in this area

My Story Is...

she was born into a world of magic but those that had great value were those born with black blood. they were stronger, faster, more powerful, more skilled than any normal human. At the age of 13 is when her blood turned it is when all of their blood turns when they start to become an adult. she was honoring her family when the knights came to take her to the Capital and to be trained to be one of the kings finest warriors.


She has been in many wars and seem hundreds of battles but soon the king turned mad with power wanting more land, more gold and more blood upon his hands. Zillah was ordered to kill a family and she did but it wasn’t till she found the last child alive in that village did something happen within her. that child looked like her youngest brother who died the winter before she became of age and she couldn’t bring herself to end that boys life so a comrade did it for her and she just flew into a rage killing her comrade and fled from the land knowing that there would now be a price on her head.

My Appearance

white hair, dark eyes, battle warn skin with a few scars on her.


When her training was complete all of the black Blood Knights are given a red sash to symbolism the blood they must protect of the normal people in the land.


two daggers, a sword, magic shield, red sash and some coins